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  • 2221 St Albans Street philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    The PHA tenants of 2221 St Albans St. continue to throw trash onto the sidewalk next to the property. This has become an ongoing problem. There are now several illegal tenants living at the house and the amount of garbage being thrown onto the sidewalk is increasing.
  • 1018 South Bouvier Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Schuylkill Southwest
    Someone has placed a series of red cones in the street to block people from parking so this individual will always have a parking spot. Street parking is not reserved and as such these red cones are illegal.
  • Mugging Archived
    22nd Block Of Christian Street (Christian St Between 22nd And 23rd St - Schuylkill Southwest
    Mugging on 22nd block of Christian around 11pm on 11/2/13
  • 625 S 23rd St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    Cars heading northbound on Grays Ferry are forced to turn right onto Bainbridge. When a car gets a green light on Grays Ferry, as they turn, the red light at 23rd and Bainbridge appears to be signaling these cars to stop. However, cars are supposed to proceed from Grays Ferry, onto Bainbridge, and past 23rd without stopping. People often stop short at 23rd and Bainbridge, causing the potential for rear-end accidents and backing up traffic onto Grays Ferry. This traffic light arrangement needs to be updated to make it clear that cars from Grays Ferry should proceed without stopping.
  • 2100 Montrose 19146 - Schuylkill Southwest
    Numerous vehicles have been left abandoned on the 2100 block of Montrose Street for months. Many don't have PPA permits even though the block is a 2hr time limit block.
  • 1601 Fitzwater Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    I know on Sundays churchgoers are permitted to park in certain areas for free with no tickets, but it is my understanding that this does not include sidewalks and that this only applies to Sundays. I would need clarification on that. The last 2 weeks have been mess all over the neighborhood walking around the icy sidewalks and streets. The church located directly across the street from the parking lot at 1601 Fitzwater is allowing, permitting, parking on the actual sidewalk on Fitzwater street (as it does all throughout the week). This is creating a huge pedestrian problem requiring people to walk in the street or try to squeeze by cars on the ice. I fell and have watched others with baby strollers not be able to get through because cars are parked on the sidewalk. This week especially, this is dangerous and illegal. However, this should not be permitted at any time of day or week, there are already designated church parking lanes on Sundays. PPA was out last night and did not ticket or enforce. Please fix this issue.
  • 24th And Christian Streets Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Schuylkill Southwest
    This corner, which was recently upgraded with new handicap ramps, regularly floods. Before the upgrade this was not an issue. At its deepest it is at least 6" deep. The flooding extends far out into the intersection and is potentially dangerous.
  • TRASH Open
    1032-1062 S 23rd St Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    There is LOADS of trash and debris along the Falcon Candy Warehouse 23rd St from Carpenter to Washington. Also looks like a pedistrian dump in the small alley btwn Kimball and League Sts at 23rd.
  • 721 South 16th Street Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
  • 2229 Pemberton Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    Sidewalk blocked and bleeding cement and dirt into the street. Building not secure. Litter --takeout containers -- mice, etc. THIS IS A PMBC CLEAN BLOCK. We work very hard to keep the street clean. We are expecting enforcement. Thank You.
  • 1007 South 21st Street Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
  • Kauffman Street Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    This is what the alley looks like the day after 'trash day' on Kaufmann. Half the garbage was put out in bags on the curb instead of in cans, and as the trash trucks drive down this alley they just run over the bags letting the contents spew in the alley. In other cases the trash cans themselves get knocked into the street by the trash trucks and the trucks just run them over instead of stopping, getting out, fixing or emptying the can, etc. This ruins the cans and leaves more trash spewing in the street. It's a hot summer and this trash just sits and rots. Half the trash was not picked up this week - as you can see it is still in the alley. It is disgusting. unsanitary and not totally the fault of the residents of both Catherine and Madison who have their trash 'picked up' in this alley. The city needs to address this ongoing problem.