17th police district

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  • 757 S Chadwick St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    Neighbors with garages park their secondary vechicles on the sidewalk in front of their garages. This form of parking is a hazard to pedestrians and creates a blockage for emergency vechicles (as stated in previous issue logs). Recently, signs have been posted showing that this is now a "no parking" street. It would be nice if the individuals who supported the designation of this street as "no parking" would follow it's instructions. Solution: Learn to park your car within a 3 block radius like everyone else.
  • 1602 Catharine St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest

    The Philadelphia Police Department camera has been removed from this location and needs to be put back up as soon as possible. This location is problematic and still subject to crime.

    The activity at 16th and Catherine poses security problems for the neighborhood.

  • 1907 Christian St Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    1907 Christian St has no windows. The rear of the property is falling down and is unsafe. The backyard is a health hazard, filled with garbage. Vernen, including racoons and opossum, have been seen occupying the property and are unsafe for the residents. Please do something about this property!!
  • 2007 Carpenter Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Schuylkill Southwest
    This hole has been here in the street in front of 2007 for quite awhile now I believe. It obviously cannot be safe for pedestrians nor vehicles......it's huge. Think it's time for this to get fixed before someone seriously hurts themselves.
  • 15th And Bainbridge Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    Trash, garbage, and broken glass line the curbs of S. 15th Street from Kater to Bainbridge and beyond.
  • 1825 Carpenter St Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest

    Act 90 violation

    Unsecured Vacant Building, front door is ajar. Interior exposed to elements. Structure is compromised PLEASE SEND L&I INSPECTOR TO PROPERTY IMMEDIATELY. IMMINENT DANGER OF COLLAPSE.

  • Rats Archived
    21st Block Of Kimball St. Philadelphia, PA, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    Recently large rats have been invading the 21st block of Kimball St. These rats have been seen in the new construction, in flower pots and even in a home.
  • 2137 Catharine Street Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    Work is being done to the exterior of 2137 Catharine Street without permit. In addition, the contractors are not taking proper measures to cover the exterior of the home in order to prevent dust from spreading across the ares. Lastly, contractors recently dumped a truck of sand on Catharine Street, which now takes up a parking spot.
  • 2063 Saint Albans Street Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    In rear of 2064 saint Albans
  • 2423 Grays Ferry Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    The body of an orange and black bicycle has been locked to the stop sign at the corner of Grays Ferry and Catharine for months. The bike has no wheels, no seat, and no handle bars, and has not been touched for months. Please remove this as it's becoming an eyesore.
  • 764. S. 23rd Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    In front of this address (recently renovated into three units) there is a consistent buildup of trash from the bus stop that is located here and from general trash blowing around. Leaves have also accumulated and a dead pigeon has been lying on top of the rest for a few weeks. I think this location ultimately needs a trash can, but in the meantime someone should be accountable for cleaning up so it doesn’t get to this point.
  • 2130 Saint Albans Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Schuylkill Southwest
    Collapsed fence off of rear shared alley - garbage and debris fill the rear yard of this property. This need to be cleaned up and fixed. Has been in this condition for several years.