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  • 52-90 Morse Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Every year the West Haven Public Works ignores and neglects tasks such as maintenance of sidewalks that are on city property; this includes clearing snow in the winter and clearing weeds and leaves in summer and fall. A good example of this is on Morse Avenue, where weeds such as knotweed and mugwort overgrow the sidewalk to the point that it is impossible to walk on it. This is a PUBLIC SAFETY issue, because it forces pedestrians -- including moms pushing strollers, children, the elderly -- into the street (where we have ZERO speed enforcement). Getting these tasks done requires repeated phone calls, and then, once the weeds are cleared, they leave the detritus there, on the sidewalk, in the street, and, as seen in the picture, clogging storm drains along a stretch of Morse Ave that is frequently under water. Neighboring these neglected area, you'll find Park-Rec staff in the Morse Park ballfields weed-whacking around every chainlink fence. In Grove Park, crews weed-whacking, leaf-blowing, all on a daily basis. Ditto for the silly, wasteful, and entirely cosmetic daily beach grooming. But sidewalks? Nah. It's not just Morse Avenue; Blohm St is similarly ignored, as is the shamefully neglected stretch of 1st Ave that passes over the train tracks; here it's common to see people carrying groceries from ShopRite, forced to walk in the street because of West Haven's neglect of these basic responsibilities.
  • 12 Woodland St West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    I drive passed this house almost every day on my way to work. On any given day, there are anywhere from 6-10 junk cars in the driveway, yard, and in the street. Some of them are sinking into the ground, others just falling apart. I would guess that only 2-3 of them are actually registered (if that, looking at the # of them without license plates). I can only imagine how this is affecting the value of the houses in this neighborhood and is just an eye sore in general. Aren't there zoning laws to prevent this from happening? Can someone please do something about this? Many West Haven residents are trying to keep West Haven clean, meanwhile there are travesties like this house going unnoticed.
  • Brown/Beach Streets West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Can the City please invest and place signs to remind drivers they need to yield to when pedestrians are at cross walks. On any given day I can count 7-15 cars that do not even slow down when I am at a cross walk, heck they barely slow down for STOP signs! It is getting down right dangerous to walk around this town! I watched as my son and his friends waited at a cross walk to get to the bus stop and honestly no one stopped to allow them to cross. People seem to have forgotten common courtsey along with blaten disregard of State laws. Please increase patrols nears bus stops at least! Thanks!
  • 64-88 Dawson Ave West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    There are no speed limit signs on the lower half of Dawson Ave near the most dangerous part of the hill. People are constantly traveling at excessive rates of speed both up and down the hill. Can't ticket someone if they don't know what the speed limit is there and/or it's not clearly posted.
  • 322-368 Ocean Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Back in April 2012, a citizen wrote to Gripe Vine regarding the lack of sidewalks "on either side of Ocean Avenue from Robert Street to Harding Street and it is very dangerous for adults and children walking". The response was that "we're in limbo at this point. If you don't see any activity on this site within a month, let me know and I will start from square one." That was over a year and a half ago, and there has been dead silence and no change. People with baby carriages, those who are in wheelchairs or otherwise require assistance walking, and anyone else who just wants to walk is forced to negotiate lumpy dirt/snow, walk through someone's yard, or walk on Ocean Avenue, where they will probably be hit by a speeding car. Why is it so hard for the City of West Haven to put in what amounts to approximately 100 feet of sidewalk? This complaint has been issued by many people over decades, yet nothing has been done.
  • Savin Rock Trail West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    I know this isn't a priority for most, but for those who use the wonderful open spaces along the shore this has been something that needs repair for a long time. The river outlet is an important part of the estuary ecosystem. Many people fish and crab in this river. Even though there is a small path around the fence I was told by a lifeguard that you cannot stand in the bridge because it may collapse??? If its that bad then it's imperative that this is replaced for the safety of people and the vital ecosystem that flows in and out of the river. There must be a way to secure funds to replace this bridge. It's the small projects that will make secure out shoreline as a place of ecological health and growth and that of our own. Please consider this as something important.
  • Intersection Of Central Ave And Rt 34 New Haven, CT - West Haven
    Every morning I turn left from Central onto Rt 34. When the light turns green I remain stopped and watch 1,2 even 3 trucks blow the red light. It is literally '1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi' and trucks still run it. Someone is gonna get killed.
  • 100 Campbell Avenue West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    The picture says it all
  • 1-21 Cellini Pl West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Liquor store sells cigs to underage via older people out front. Young give money to older person who then buys the cigs and hands them off to the younger person outside.
  • Colonial Blvd. West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Colonial Blvd, needs to be made one way on each side. There is not enough room on each side of the street for two way traffic. One side of the street is notoriously busier than the other, that is not fair we all pay the same taxes. I have attached an image of how the one way traffic flow should work on the street. If the police department is not competent enough to see that there is an issue here and make a necessary change, perhaps a signed petition by residents and a formal complaint to he CT. DOT would be in order. In addition,since the weather has gotten nicer there has been an increase in motorcycle traffic and speeders on the street as well. In addition, between 6:45 am and 7:15 during the week a school bus is always speeding southbound down the street. In regards to the blight, it would be much appreciated if the city could spend a little money to clean up the creek and the grounds in the middle of the street, and possibly plant some trees or grass.
  • Beach St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    This is a very hazardous area for walking, and there is no alternative across the street in front of Chick's, where there is no sidewalk and little room for a pedestrian. So pedestrians are forced to share this dangerous road with motorists who flaunt the absence of police patrol of this road (why is this??), and drive in reckless excess of the posted speed limit -- wait, there is NO posted speed limit on this road!. The city KNOWS this is a dangerous area because they put up cones for a charity walk on Sept 18, but then removed the cones at the end of the day. The problem is exacerbated by dangerous driving; east-bound motorists turn onto Beach St from Washington Ave, and then have the long straightaway to accelerate to speeds often exceeding 50mph, with complete impunity, reaching the bend at Morse Ave and often appearing to barely have control of their vehicle as they make the turn...right where pedestrians are now walking. All that's waiting to happen is for one of these motorists to be texting or talking on a cell phone, and for someone, tragically, to be killed or seriously hurt. This is malicious negligence on the part of the city of West Haven, and should something tragic happen, they should be taken to task and to court. There's no reason why they can't put up temporary structures, such as NJ dividers, to create a safe passage for ped's. Of course, there's also no reason why they can't install speed humps on Beach St (such as one finds more and more on streets in New Haven), or some other traffic calming device. And as days shorten, morning walkers are even more endangered, walking in the dark and sometimes in fog, by the long stream of speeding east-bound commuters (often using cell phones, doing their hair, etc.) who use Beach St as an alternative to other east-west roads that slow them down with traffic lights and stop signs.
    Shame on you, West Haven!!
  • bicycle gang Archived
    355 Main St Mayors Office West Haven, ct - West Haven
    Frequently there is a gang of 6 to 7 teenagers popping wheelies on their bike intentionally in front of cars and taunting them to hit them. Happens at leete st and Washington ave, Campbell ave and brown st, William and Washington ave. Police please take notice, Someone is going to get killed by a car or mugged by the bicyclists.