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  • 1292 Easton Avenue Somerset, NJ - Somerset

    Remove ice/slush pileup from bottom few feet of driveway. Driveway is on corner of Demott Lane and Easton Avenue.


  • 14-22 Norris Rd Somerset, NJ 08873, USA - Somerset
    All the roads in this area (norris,rolling,heather,buttonwood magnolia ect)are still coverd with snow,now we have the added joy of ice Great job public works
  • 21 Cypress Road Somerset, NJ - Somerset

    Please shovel out this neighbor who needs help - thanks.


  • 83 Churchill Ave Somerset, NJ 08873 - Somerset
    Veronica Ave. is full of potholes between Churchill Ave. and Rt. 27.
  • 10 A Henry St Somerset, NJ 08873, USA - Somerset
    A red-light camera is needed at this intersection to curb drivers that run the light coming from French Street. And the traffic lights need updating to bigger ones so drivers on both sides of road can see them.
  • 21 Cypress Road Somerset, NJ - Somerset

    I am an 80 year old woman who has Snow and Ice covering my drive way and cannot get out to go food shopping. My address is: Carmela Hand at 21 Cypress Road, Somerset NJ 08873. Can you help me please?


  • 1500-1540 Hamilton Street Franklin Township, New Jersey - Somerset
    Pothole is about the size of a car, cars have to serve to avoid damage , needs to be coned off.
  • Speed Trap! Archived
    The limit changes from 40 to 25 at this intersection which by definition is a speed trap and the police do hide there!
  • 2-12 Cypress Rd Somerset, NJ 08873, USA - Somerset
    Cypress, Berger, Magnolia still remain unplowed - it's tuesday. Now a sheet of ice.
  • Buttonwood Dr Somerset, NJ 08873, USA - Somerset
    Packed snow and ice conditions
  • 30 Spring St Somerset, NJ 08873, USA - Somerset
    This HUGE pothole has been here for over a year, just getting bigger and bigger. It now takes up almost the entire end of Kuhn leading into Spring.
  • 189 Franklin Blvd Somerset, NJ 08873, USA - Somerset
    two big pot holes that just keep on getting bigger.