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concerned citizen and nosy neighbor

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  • 2100 Ridge Road Raleigh, NC - Glenwood

    My daughter walks to and from Lacy Elementary every day in her wheelchair from our house at 2100 Ridge Road. She has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as Brittle Bones, which means her bones break very easily. There are several places along that walk (on the southern or even numbered side of Ridge) where the earth on one or both of the sidewalk edges is dangerously low and could cause her wheelchair to tip over if her wheel goes off the edge. This is a potentially fatal hazard for her. She is in first grade and will be using this sidewalk for the next 8 years (through middle school). I would love to get some help to fix the areas that are hazardous. Would it be possible to meet with someone to look at this with me? If not, I have written down the addresses of most of the areas. The area of most concern is from the intersection of Lake Boone Trail and Ridge to 1900 Ridge. This section of sidewalk is narrower due to the bushes on the southern side encroaching on the sidewalk and then a 2" plus drop off on the other side. We had a scary close call there this week, which finally motivated me to write to you.

    The other areas that I have noted were at 1908 Ridge, 1920 Ridge, 1924 Ridge, and 2000 Ridge.

    Could you please look at the curb access on both sides of Lake Boone trail? As we cross and get on and off the curb you have to go down towards the line of traffic due to the angle of the curb cuts.

    Please feel free to contact me if you need further information or guidance. Thank yo uso much for helping us with this.

    Sarah and Jim Sullivan
    2100 Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27607

  • 827 West Morgan St Raleigh, NC - Hillsborough
    Can we do something about these guys? They are out here at West Morgan Center every afternoon harassing people for money - aggressive enough to knock on people's windows and vehicle doors. The one in the long coat is obviously suffering from a serious mental disorder and easily gets angry and flails his arms. It's only going to be a matter of time before he loses it completely and hurts someone. The white guy always with him urinates all the time, along the wall of the building at the laundry, or the wall at Trophy. He is drunk this afternoon and peeing right over the ledge at the parking lot.
  • W Hargett St & St/ Mary'S St Raleigh, NC - Hillsborough

    What's wrong with this picture? This RPD cruiser has been illegally parked for some time now. This is a busy interesection and this RPD cruiser parked in NO PARKING ZONE is making it difficult for individuals pulling out of the parking lot across from the end of St. Mary's St at W Hargett. Cars pulling out have a limited line of sight due to the illegally parked (abandoned) RPD cruiser. I am sure any regular citizen would have a ticket and/or a boot by now. This RPD cruiser has been here for some time - not just temporarily.

    I look forward to hearing the fix to this issue. Please don't just reply with "this car has been moved." I would like to see a formal response by the City why it is OK to leave a RPD car in a NO PARKING ZONE for extended periods of time where it makes a busy intersection UNSAFE for both pedestrians and drivers.

    The entire City should be afforded to see this reply.

    Thank you.


  • 119 W Drewry Lane Raleigh, NC - Six Forks
    An infrastructure project on Drewry Lane has dragged on entirely too long. The only way around the street obstruction is a detour that re-routes traffic onto Six Forks Road at intersections without stoplights. An alternative might be Ramblewood, but Ramblewood is often down to one lane because of construction on a huge new development. The neighbors were told that the Drewry Lane project would be completed before the end of 2012. It is now February 4. If this project was undertaken by the city, it should be prioritized. If it is a project undertaken by a private contractor, it is time to impose penalties. There seems to be no activity there at all. When can we expect an update on the status and completion date? We are totally in the dark.
  • Raleigh Beltline Raleigh, North Carolina - Southwest

    Accidents in this area were averaging 2 a week for May-July, and jumped to 5/week for August.

    Here is a video of the exact problem I experienced:

    Here's the WRAL story on my 8/13 accident:

    NCDOT standards for road marking removal, set forth in "Standard Specifications for Roads and Structures". NCDOT: Raleigh, NC. Div. 12, Sec. 1205 (I - Removal of Pavement Markings), lines 38-39, "Leave the pavement surface in a condition that will not mislead or misdirect the motorist.". This requirement has not been met along the Fortify construction zone because, in several places, markings diverge and the old ones are almost as visible as the new. See,%20Markers%20and%20Delineation.pdf

  • Bar Fights Archived
    825 W Morgan St Raleigh, NC - Hillsborough

    Drunks and Homeless Don't Mix.

    A homeless shelter for recovering alcoholics next to a bar that serves nothing else than alcohol makes a great mix. I'm all for Trophy coming to the neighborhood, but I think they should have to serve food, it is a drunk fest as it is, but Raleigh needs to start a conversation about Cornerstone with the County. The Homeless at Cornerstone are drinking and smoking and littering the street. Our once quiet neighborhood doesnt need this.

  • 1020-1076 West Peace Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough

    The bike lanes on Peace Street and also on Clark Avenue are too narrow. These lanes are as narrow as 38" in some places, which is considered substandard by any bicycle facility guidance. In other places, the lanes are closer to but still less than 48".

    AASHTO states that on extremely constrained, low volume roadways with curbs but no gutter, where the preferred bike lane witdthcannot be achived despite narrowing all other travel lanes to their minimum widths, a 4 foot bike lane can be used (AASHTO Guide to Bicycle Facilities, 2011).

    More should be done to accommodate bicyclists on Peace and Clark, especially with increased density coming to the area. With the depressions due to the storm drains and motor vehicle volumes, bike lanes of at least 5 ft should be considered on this roadway.

    Additionally, there is a poor transition between the bike lanes on Clark Ave and Peace St -- where the bicycle lane hugs the curb but doesn't align with

  • South Boylan Avenue Raleigh, NC - Central
    I have lived on South Boylan Avenue since 2002. Two of my cars have been hit while parked on my street. Three cars parked on the street were smashed last night. This brings the total of parked cars hit on the street since 2002 that I know about to more than 15. Something has to be done to slow these drivers down.
  • 801 W Morgan St Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough
    I witnessed a horrifying wreck this afternoon at Snow and West Morgan St. Driver that was hit mentioned he couldn't see because of a car parked on West Morgan in what the sign says "NO PARKING, Loading zone" The RPD says this doesn't apply on weekends so cars can legally park there. THAT IS NUTS!!!!! People have been trying to get this changed from a parking area to a no parking area to make this intersection safer. The City did and changed the sign to no parking, loading zone only. However, we have no come to find out that this only applies M-F during regular business hours! The RPD officer stated his agreement that cars parked here block the line of sight but the zone would have to be changed for tickets to be issued. CAN WE PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF SAFETY change this 15 foot section to loading only/24 hours per day so people can not park here all weekend and night, blocking the intersection??? I think we all were satisfied with the change to a loading zone before because we thought this area would literally just be a loading zone; apparently Raleigh code allows people to park in loading zones after hours and on weekends, To those involved in the serious accident at Snow and West Morgan this afternoon, I am sure that does either of them any good. PLEASE.... LET'S MAKE THIS INTERSECTION SAFE!!!!
  • 827 West Morgan Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough
    There is an armada of recycling containers blocking the sidewalk at 827-825 West Morgan Street for four days now. Would the City of Raleigh please share with all of us when these are allowed to be out on the street side and where exactly they should be placed. They are currently in the middle of the sidewalk (for 4 days now). Is it legal? This business had a history of illegal trash collection and sidewalk blocking problems in the past, since they took over the laundry/dry cleaner, it seems they are taking over their illegal ways incognito. Thanks for letting us know if this is legal and exactly when and where they can put out their armada of trash/recycling receptacles.
  • Western Boulevard Raleigh, North Carolina - Southwest
    Many, many times I have witnessed cars coming from Boylan Avenue drive the wrong way down Western Blvd in order to turn left, which is currently not possible to do in either direction without this insanely dangerous maneuver. Crossing the street as a pedestrian is also hazardous as many cars do not stop even when the light has changed. I and my neighbors have nearly been hit many times by cars who do not stop. There should be a light triggered by cars or by a pedestrian walk request as there is at Western and Hunt by the prison.
  • 539-599 Ileagnes Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Southwest
    This area continues to be littered with trash that finds its way back into the adjacent neighborhood. Please police this area for trash and take action to keep it clean. The woods in this location are riddled with glass, rusty metal and plastic. Have owners clean up.