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  • Pothole Acknowledged
    118 Gay St Philadelphia, PA 19127 - Manayunk
    PGW did construction work and left practically the entire street as one big pothole; there is a hole in the ground covered with plywood at the bottom of Gay St.
  • 5000-5098 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Manayunk
    A lot of litter can be seen all over the hill next to Tommy Gun's on ridge? Who owns that property? Who is responsible for maintaining that piece of land? it looks terrible.
  • 170 Carson Street Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk
    several cars have been slidding down this hill into baker. Please plow as soon as possible for safety. People dont understand the danger
  • Ridge Avenue And Kelly Drive Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk

    Welcome Tom Corbett!

    Dear PennDOT, Congratulations! You've outdone the City of Philadelphia by way of your contempt for cyclists and pedestrians.

    03/01/11 - complainant bikes to work w/o incident
    03/01/11 - complainant returns home only to find kelly drive blocked with a sign stating that the path would be closed starting 02/28. The sign suggests the ridge avenue sidewalk as an alternate.

    Problem 1: Today is March 1. You failed to provide any notice and proceeded to block our way home.

    Problem 2: With the exception of designated bike paths like Kelly Drive, cyclists are forbidden from riding on sidewalks

    Problem 3: You've put us directly at the intersection of a work zone, a highway onramp, a road onramp with no consideration whatsoever for our safety, pedestrians and cyclists alike

    I just wanted to say "thanks for nothing." Expect me to ride my bike in the middle of traffic as is my right as a "motor vehicle" (cyclist) under state law.

  • Pothole Archived
    Ramp From Lincoln Drive South To City Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk
    Nasty rut in the road.
  • 4029 Cresson St Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk
    I live on cresson, and the wall that runs up the road needs major work. There is trash all over it, along with many branches, leaves, etc that scratch your car while parking. It looks like s!@#
  • 1-119 Conarroe St Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - Manayunk
    Several graffiti infractions at the station including the walls on the platform and the stairs leading to the street
  • Carson And Cresson St Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk
    The detour around green lane which takes traffic down conarroe st, right onto baker and left onto carson is not safe. There are no parking restrictions/monitoring on the carson street portion of this detour and the cars who must take this due to the one way streets can barely, if at all, fit through this street. Please restrict and monitor parking on this street as it does not seem that the construction on green lane is ending anytime soon. Thank you.
  • Rats and garbage Acknowledged
    4326 Main Street Philadelphia Pa 19127 - Manayunk
    The rear of this property is on the towpath and is strewn with trash and rotting garbage. Rat infestation is visible
  • 4907 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128 - Manayunk
    The sidewalk on the norths side of Ridge Avenue is covered with weeds and vegetation. This forces pedestrians too close to fast-moving traffic on Ridge.
  • 4911-4913 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, PA - Wissahickon

    Walking along Ridge Avenue just west of Tommy Gunns parking lots is dangerous due to overgrown vegetation. The problem is made worse by the lack of proper curb in the same area.

    This is along the most direct path between the Wissahickon Transfer Station and the Wissahickon SEPTA station. It is a very dangerous situation and could easily result in a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle.

    This was previously reported (and temporarily resolved) here:

  • 3742 Manayunk Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Wissahickon
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