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  • 4101-4299 Churchview Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - Manayunk
    there are no houses on churchview and it's very overgrown. cars are broken into often, at any time of day.
  • 4300 Terrace St Philadelphia, PA 19128 - Manayunk
    A new development at 4300 Terrace required removal of some trees. Those tress cut down were simply thrown down the hill where they are resting up against the staircase present next to the building.
  • 3887 Manor St Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Wissahickon
    There are 2 cars that have been abandoned in front of 3887 Manor Street for 2-3 months. They are (1) a grey Saab with a broken bumper and (2) a toyota camry (light brown) that has received a parking ticket for expired registration 4-5 weeks ago.
  • 108 110 Pensdale St Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - Manayunk
    Trash and rats seen on city ownerd property.
  • walkway weeds Archived
    Main St - Manayunk
    the public staircase is being overrun by weeds
  • 3800 Sharp St Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - Wissahickon
    This street needs to be plowed. All ice.
  • 133 Green Ln Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - Manayunk
    Manayunk is an absolute ZOO due to Green Lane being closed for construction. It is one of the only two way streets in the neighborbood that is wide enough for two lanes and its closed! Now all the one way, and one lane roads are backed up constantly requiring backing up and other unsafe maneuvers just to get where you are trying to go. So inconvienient!
  • 3913 Terrace St Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Manayunk
    The basketball court lights are staying on until after midnight. Last weekend they were on until 1AM. there were people out there - who were very loud - until at least 1:15AM. these lights were supposed to go off at 10pm according.
  • 4524 Baker St Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - Manayunk
    Street has not been plowed, or should be plowed again - It's awful, cars are getting stuck sideways and no one get drive up it.
  • 4400 Manayunk Ave Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk
    Very little snow removal, not salted
  • 4201-4299 Station St Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - Manayunk
    Last Fall the city cleaned the lot at Station and Pensdale St. It's overgrown again and home to many raccoons.
  • 165 East Street Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk