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  • 5700 Lincoln Drive Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk

    watched an african american woman driving a nissan make a u turn on lincoln drive this morning. she was driving south and crossed over the concrete median to return northbound

    please take this womans license away, she and her friends are going to kill someone with their lazy impatience:

    9:55 AM, Monday February 28 2011
    lincoln drive
    silver/gold nissan
    PA plate GZN 2071

  • Wissahickon Bike Trail Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Manayunk

    2011/06/07: witnessed a SEPTA bus run a red light this morning against a walk signal. Please ask SEPTA to review driver safety practices here.

    The chirping you hear tells the vision challenged they can proceed (to their deaths).


  • 3700 Cresson Street Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Wissahickon
    Expired Connecticut plate 540 TTB. Plate expired in April of 2007. Car has St. Joseph's University sticker. Has not been moved for at least two weeks. Rear is rusted.
  • 3922 Terrace St - Manayunk
    a shattered mirror has been on the sidewalk here for about a week now
  • 107 Dawson St Philadelphia, PA - Wissahickon
    Blue Buick LeSabre has not been moved since early February. Connecticut License plate UBC 482. Connecticut requires inspection and emission but this car has neither sticker. Car has body damage. This car is not legal and is not being driven. Please tow.
  • The grass is overgrown to about 5ft in this guy's backyard, you can see it by walking down Seville St.
  • Shallow Pothole Acknowledged
    Kelly Dr Philadelphia, PA 19129, USA - Manayunk
    There's a shallow, but wide pothole starting to develop here. The location is right after you turn onto Kelly Drive from Ridge Ave (about 10ft past Ridge Ave after you make the turn).
  • 3829 Terrace St Philadelphia, PA 19128 - Wissahickon
    Graffiti on Building
  • Terrace Street Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk
    The street needs to be plowed. It is very icy.
  • Graffitti Archived
    Salignac And Terrace St - Wissahickon
    more graffitti on the door that was painted over recently
  • 236-241 Dupont St Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Manayunk
    Street has not been plowed, or should be plowed again