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  • 2-98 Cotton St Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - Manayunk
    The sign that indicates there is a trail ahead with pedestrians and bikes crossing is down and needs to be put back up.
  • Schuylkill River Trail - Philadelphia To Valley Forge Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - Manayunk
    Trash cans overfilled with debris from restaurants on the Tow Path not allowed.
  • 419-425 Kingsley St Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Manayunk
    3 inches of ice. Really bad
  • Shurs Lane And Lauriston Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk
    The Grate in the street is broken, which causes an obnoxious, loud noise every time it is driven over. This is bothersome to all those who live on this part of Shurs lane and Lauriston/Burnside. It disrupts sleep and causes overall noise pollution to the area.
  • Shurs Lane & Boone Street Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk

    Parked on the corner of Shurs Lane & Boone Street in a NO PARKING ZONE.

    Green Honda Civic PA-HKP-8789

    First reported on this site 13 days ago, this car has multiple parking tickets on it and NEEDS to go!

  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    1 Rector St Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - Manayunk
  • 3700 Manayunk Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Wissahickon
  • needs plowing Archived
    216 Rochelle Ave Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk
  • 3900-4000 Dexter Street Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk
    dangerous hill (3900)
    we can't get out
  • Main Street Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk
  • 363 W. Salaignac St. Philadelphia, PA - Wissahickon
    Even though a ban on using cell phones while driving was enacted last year, I see more and more people using cell phones driving around Manayunk and Roxborough. Why isn't there enforcement? This is a safety issue!
  • 4106 Terrace St. Philadelphia, PA - Manayunk
    Sidewalk is not shoveled and has turned to ice creating a slipping hazard on a steep hill.