15th Police District

Open Issues: 9 Closed Issues: 12 Acknowledged Issues: 1
Watching issues created after: 2009-12-23

This watch area is set up by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to report traffic accidents or instances of road rage and harassment.

Notified About

  • 4501-4549 Richmond St Philadelphia, PA - Richmond
    The sidewalk along the ENTIRE stretch of the 4500 block (east side) is in need of critical repair. The block is a mess, the concrete is broken, cracked, missing, etc. and is an accident waiting to happen! It gets worse each and every week and has been like this for years. The City needs to go after the owners of this property to take care of this issue immediately. Local organizations do clean the sidewalks (as best they can) of trash, loose concrete, weeds, etc. but that's only a fraction of the work that needs to be done to this property.
  • 2099 Bridge St Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Frankford, Philadelphia
    A car accident ending up crashing into the fire hydrants and the fire hydrants has been sitting on the side walk for more then 2 months now. Not safe at all !!!
  • 1337 Sellers St Philadelphia, PA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    illegal storage shack being built by scrapping drug addicts
  • 3256 Princeton Ave Philadelphia, PA - Mayfair
    When this handicap ramp concrete was new, someone accidentally stepped into it and left three large holes in it, it als displaced the concrete so around the holes, the concrete is mounded. It is impossible for a wheelchair to go south on Rowland, they have to drive out into the street or cross Rowland and drive on the east sidewalk. This problem has been like this for a while.
  • 4400 Mckinley St Philadelphia, PA - Wissanoming
  • Wakeling And Harrison Street phildelphia, pa - Frankford, Philadelphia
    trash beer cans old tires and car pices all on the corner next to garage
    Reported from my mobile device
  • Charles Street Philadelphia, PA - Tacony

    Charles from Robbins to Longshore is not lined causing non-resident drivers to assume it is only one way.

    It also encourages other drivers to drive down the middle of this narrow two way street resulting in daily games of chicken with bad drivers.

  • 6200 Gillespie St Philadelphia, PA - Wissanoming
  • 950 Wakeling Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Summerdale
    There are several offenders on this block that believe it's within their rights to block parking spaces for their exclusive use and will do so with trash cans or cones. Each house generally has 1-2 car deeded parking via garage or pad behind their homes. Most homes here have at least 1-2 cars per household. Apparently this is not enough and some members of the community feel they should commandeer the space or spaces in front of their house for their exclusive use 24hrs a day/7 days per week.
  • 4123 Salem St Philadelphia, PA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    lots trash and debris in the rear of the welfare office being dumped by the auto garage employees next door