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I commute with my kids through this area. I want to keep up with things.

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  • 3947 Opal Oakland, California - Temescal
    It's been on the sidewalk here for weeks, if not months.
  • Other: Sewers Archived
    5606 San Pablo Avenue Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Gaskill
    Plugged sewer main means no toilets for the librarians and surrounding businesses! This needs to be fixed right away!
  • 42nd Street Underpass Between Telegraph And Martin Luther King Oakland, CA - Temescal
    Tents, trash and dumping
  • 5025 Lawton Ave Oakland Ca 94609 Usa - Temescal
    The crosswalk on 51st St. and Lawton Avenue is the only marked pedestrian crossing on 51st St. between Broadway and Telegraph Avenue (aside from the stoplight at 51st/Shafter). There is regular pedestrian traffic crossing 51st at this location, due in part to students and families walking to Emerson Elementary, but cars rarely stop for pedestrians. When cars do stop, drivers behind them are often not expecting them to stop, and either stop rapidly or swerve into the other lane and keep going - creating additional hazard for pedestrians. Full crosswalk striping and "pedestrian crossing" signage would greatly reduce the perils of crossing 51st St. in this high-traffic location.
  • Pothole Archived
    1025 West Macarthur Boulevard Emeryville California - Longfellow
    The potholes were filled in by CalTrans but they came right back. I just drove through there yesterday and slowed down to 20 MPH to avoid another accident. There is a serious recurring problem that is spread out all under the overpass in both directions. There are about 8 potholes of different sizes. This needs a permanent solution or at least post a sign that says ''rough road'' and a 20 MPH recommended speed.
  • 3929 Opal Oakland, California - Mosswood
    Frequent if not constant blockage of sidewalk at this address by motorcycle with California plate 20R9699.
  • 5201 West St NW corner of 52nd Street and West Streets, Oakland, CA - Santa Fe
    Street Light has been out at the NW corner of 52nd Street & West Street, in front of 802 52nd St. Helen McGregor Park at the NE corner of the same intersection has been the location of much crime. Also within 100 feet on both West and also on 52nd Streets are known to OPD drug houses. Please make this street light a priority, for the sake of reducing crime. This intersection is also close to Children's Hospital, and patrons and employees of the Hospital park near this intersection. Please correct this safety issue.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    52nd And Genoa St Oakland Ca - Santa Fe
    mattress dumped a few days ago. now the pile is growing.
  • Defaced Artwork Acknowledged
    42nd & Telegraph Oakland, California - Temescal
    On the utility box next to Church's Chicken, at the southwest corner of the intersection.
  • 5801 Racine Street Oakland , CA - Bushrod

    For the past 15+ years, members of the community have been requesting improvements to the "crosswalk" at the corner of 58th & Telegraph. Numerous people have been hit due to the lack of attention and respect by motorist who use this portion of Telegraph as a speedway to get to either Highway 24 or Berkeley. There is definitely not proper signage or lights to highlight that pedestrians are utilizing this popular crosswalk.

    Here are a few examples :
    Wednesday: The photo attached was taken Wednesday night when we witnessed a man going Northbound on Telegraph almost hit a woman who was crossing the street . All other cars stopped, but he did not feel the need to, shouting expletives and other unnecessary comments.
    Saturday: We were hanging our anniversary sign Saturday, and we witnessed about 6 people that were almost hit. I guess getting to the Cal Game was a matter of "life or your death" for some people.
    Sunday: Following worship, we witness cars almost hit a man and his family with small children in the crosswalk. The car was in half of the crosswalk! Craziness!

    Please address this issue. Traffic studies have been done and nothing has transpired. Previous councilpersons were notified, and nothing was done. We thank you for being swift in this matter.

  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    Martin Luther King Junior Way & Highway 24 & Grove Shafter Freeway Oakland, CA 94609, USA - Longfellow
    Heap of trash.
  • 994 42nd Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Longfellow
    mattress and other debris in linden park. eastern edge just north of the dinosaur play structure.