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I commute with my kids through this area. I want to keep up with things.

Notified About

  • 4640 Telegraph Oakland, California - Temescal
    All along the north wall of the property.
  • 552 42nd Street Oakland, California - Temescal keeps deleting these homeless encampment posts as if they are being cleaned up. I would go down and ask some of the residents of this sprawling encampment metropolis about that before removing the post. The camp has not been cleaned up. Great work Oakland!
  • 552 42nd Street Oakland, California - Temescal
    The encampment on 42nd Street under the 24 freeway has grown with additional structures blocking the entire sidewalk on the south side of the street. Lots of junk furniture, shopping carts, trash, etc.
  • 42nd & Mlk Oakland, California - Longfellow
    At southwest corner of intersection.
  • 620 42nd Street Oakland, California - Longfellow
    Immediately east of Harvest Fellowship Church, this is a filthy encampment that's a public health and fire hazard.
  • 41st & Telegraph Oakland, California - Temescal
    At northeast corner of intersection.
  • 3820 Clarke Oakland, CA - Mosswood
    The dog at this address is constantly tied up on the porch, which is now against the law in California, and barks constantly:
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    552 42nd Street Oakland, CA 94609, USA - Temescal
    Homeless encampment, exposed needles, mattresses, feces. Multiple living in sidewalk. Sidewalk blocked with debris making it difficult for handicap to maneuver. Children and citizens are unsafe.
  • 364 40th Street Oakland, California - Temescal
    Early Light Electric continues to allow its east-facing wall to be a target for taggers. It's time to get them to clean it up!
  • Graffiti Archived
    4419 Telegraph Oakland, California - Temescal
    Covering a wall and gate.
  • 4114 Linden Street Oakland, California - Longfellow
    there is currently no sign indicating the driver is approaching a school on Linden Street between 40th and 42nd. There is a public k-8 school at the intersection of Linden and 42nd. There is also no sign indicating drivers are approaching a public park with play structures for both toddlers and children 5-12 years old. In addition, there is a basketball court on Linden between 43rd and 44th, which attracts kids on foot and bike.
  • 551-649 42nd St Oakland, CA 94609, USA - Longfellow
    Literally thousands of used drug foils, pipes, some syringes, another used drug paraphernalia along with piles of rotting food and clothing. Super hazardous stuff.