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Northeast Minneapolis

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    2244 Johnson St Ne Minneapolis, MN 55418, USA - Windom Park
    Perpetual yard sale.
  • 1600 Johnson Street Northeast Minneapolis, MN - Northeast Park
    That turn arrow into home depot isn\'t green long enough on Johnson st. sometimes only two cars get threw. the wait time is horrible during rush hour. please add a few more seconds to it. (Thursday, 27-Jun-13 06:45:01 UTC)
  • 77 13th Ave Ne Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA - Sheridan
    It is nearly impossible to drive on this road at all without thinking your completely messing up your alignment.
  • 5th Avenue And 5th Street N.E. Minneapolis, MN - St Anthony West
    There is a stop sign on 5th St. N.E. @ 5th Avenue. There is a school which is no longer used, as the driveway has not been plowed this year. Therefore, stopping here, then going 30 feet and stopping again is a waste of gas and time. I reported this issue and got an email saying 'Congratulations.' and the issue is Closed. This stop sign should be removed
  • 1600 Johnson St Ne Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA - Northeast Park
    Timing or sensors need to be adjusted for left turn into the quarry when driving south on Johnson st ne to prevent future accidents and unnecessary traffic during high volume shopping times and the turn lane gets backed up into the lane for drivers heading straight.
  • Pothole Archived
    141-167 22nd Ave Ne Minneapolis, Minnesota - Bottineau
  • pot hole Archived
    3558 Ne Pierce St Minneapolis, MN - Waite Park
    hole in the middle of road,been there for 3 years! This click fix doesn't work...They patched all the side streets"Except" Pierce St.
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    1914 St Anthony Pkwy Minneapolis, MN 55418, USA - Audubon Park
    Junk for sale covering the entire front yard. It is out 24x7 and has been there for over two months!
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    2243 Johnson St Ne Minneapolis, MN 55418, USA - Windom Park
    This house has been having a "yard sale" that looks more like a garbage dump. The items are left out overnight and include tires, rain soaked furniture and other items that belong in the trash. It's an eyesore.
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    700-798 18th Avenue Northeast Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA - Logan Park
  • Graffiti Archived
    724 Sibley Street Northeast Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA - St Anthony West
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    1901-2199 Ne Ulysses St Minneapolis, MN 55418, USA - Windom Park
    1942 Ulysses St. NE - bank owned (Bank of America). Realtor is George Farkus of ReMax. 651-415-3231 or 651-338-1075