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  • 2-98 Lemon St Stowe, PA 19464, USA - Stowe
    Is anyone else in West Pottgrove experiencing water pressure isssues? If so, please make your voice heard. There is a solution.
  • Howard St. Stowe Pa - Stowe
    I live in Stowe and I am concerned about the "gang" activity on Howard Street Near the Pub. The curfew needs to be inforced and the groups need to be dispersed before harmful trouble begins.
  • 500 Block Of West Vine St. Stowe, PA - Stowe
    This is mostly an elderly block and there are 2 well known drug dealers in this block that have been there for some time and the police are doing nothing about it . They have been made well aware of it almost a year ago.
  • 542-548 Glasgow St Stowe, PA 19464, USA - Stowe
    Many drivers treat Glasgow St like a race track between Berks & High St. driving at excessivly high speeds, yet no speeding tickets are issued. There have been incidents where various small animals have been killed because they couldn't get out of the way of these drivers. Next it could be an elderly person or child trying to cross the street and get hit. Drivers need to realize that as they're racing through.
  • 1619 W High St Stowe, PA 19464, USA - Stowe
    While traveling east on High St. it's difficult to see oncoming traffic when trying to make a left on Grosstown Rd. I heard from a resident of W. Vine that once a week she hears the sound of screeching brakes at this intersection. Very dangerous intersection !!
  • 600 Block Of Glasgow Street Pottstown PA - Stowe
    Thanks for repaving Glasgow Street but now the cars are traveling 60 mph in a 25 mph zone. Where are the cops when you need them?
  • 100-198 Rice Street Stowe, PA - Stowe
    There is no reason to set this fire whistle off as much as its done..The whistle did not go off for two months,now it is going off like twice a day again,Maybe if your gonna go whistle happy, just set it off once or twice, for the love of everybody trying to get some rest.It was nice while it lasted,the two months of peace
  • W Race St Stowe, PA - Stowe
    Everyday I drive up the street and 5 or 6 little kids run out in front of my car. No parents around to supervise. something must be done or someone is going to get hurt or killed.
  • 500 Block Of East Vine Street Stowe, PA - Stowe
    Hoarder neighbors feeding more than a dozen stray cats, causing a health hazard especially to the young children/elderly due to feces found around neighbors yards/vegetable gardens. Police and codes enforcement have been contacted and say that "nothing can be done"! Neighbors need to get together to make this stop!
  • danger Open
    1631-1699 W High St Stowe, PA - Stowe
    when turning left onto grosstown road from westbound high street,you cannot see both lanes in opposite direction,
  • burnt house Archived
    426 Elm St Stowe, PA - Stowe
    house burnt down some time ago and hasnt been torn down or rebuilt.
  • High St & Center St Stowe - Stowe
    The intersection of High & Center in Stowe badly needs a light! Turning left onto High here is a mad dash for your life! Why not take the light out that services only the tattoo shop, and move it one block west to Center. Does a tattoo shop really need a traffic light!?!?