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  • 65-10 - Ridgewood
    built some kind of heating unit which looks dangerous
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    78-19 68th Rd Queens, NY 11379, USA - Middle Village
    Broken street light since Sandy
  • 78-17-78-19 68th Road Middle Village, NY 11379, USA - Middle Village
    Street light is out most of the time. In some occasions it turns on but very low. A lot of people walk their dogs at night including myself and it feels insecure
  • 78-24 68th Rd Middle Village, NY 11379, USA - Middle Village
  • 29 Wyckoff Avenue New York - Bushwick
    Giant stinky trash pile on the Brooklyn bound entry way.
  • 1880 Woodbine St New York 11385, United States - Ridgewood
    The city needs to take action to stop the illegal dumping that is going on underneath the M train on Woodbine Street. It is a route that children take to get to and from school, and it poses dangers.
    It attracts Vermon.
  • 66-94 Fresh Pond Rd Queens, NY 11385, USA - Ridgewood
    Buses double parked to get into Depot. They block traffic going in both directions
    Still happens from time to time.
  • 1851 Woodbine St New York 11385, United States - Ridgewood
    The bridge under the M train on Woodbine has been a continual public dumping ground on city and MTA property posing dangers to residence and raises concern about hygiene especially for children who use this route to get to school.
    This eye sore and appears to be drawing people who feel drawn to hangout aimlessly in an area that has lack of efficient care.
  • 58-52 Catalpa Avenue Ridgewood, New York - Ridgewood

    Because of the slight right from Catalpa onto Woodward, cars frequently speed across the crosswalk while pedestrians are trying to cross.

    An accident waiting to happen.

    Some sort of traffic calming needed to slow cars down. Visibility while turning right is also an issue.

  • 1454 Greene Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA - Bushwick
    Same issue every year, haven't had Heat/Hot Water for 3 days, super says "sending someone to fix boiler" , never comes
  • 421 Johnson Avenue Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg
    This big pothole is back, threatening to damage cars that a drive across it. It needs to be filled in more permanently.
  • 59-15 68th Rd Ridgewood, NY - Ridgewood
    School buses in NYC have high seat backs for head & neck safety, all cars must have headrests, all children in cars must by law have either a car seat or booster seat (according to age) and yet there are thousands of children riding each day on school buses in wheelchairs that have NO HEADRESTS and often without effective chest harnesses. Child car seats must be crash tested by law in many states but Texas is the only state in the US that insists that wheelchairs that go one school buses must be crash tested by the manufactures. I have been trying to get someone to address this issue for years but NO ONE seems to care about our most vulnerable children.