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  • Fort Greene Park Brooklyn, NY - Fort Greene
    Fort Greene park is DEAD during winter months. Couldn't off-leash for dogs be extended beyond 9am during winter? Maybe to 10am?
  • 25 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA - Boerum Hill
    A few weeks ago I reported that the garbage cans were not being emptied on this block. Then, the sanitation department took away the can I had posted pictures of on this site just after they finally emptied (after almost 2 weeks of overflowing garbage). So, now that there's only one can at the corner of Atlantic and 4th Avenue, it is constantly overflowing and seldomly tended to by sanitation. I took the attached picture earlier today - a Saturday morning. PLEASE COLLECT THE CITY TRASH REGULARLY, SANITATION DEPARTMENT!!! Geez. It's really disgusting. This is a busy corner with food vendors and a train entrance so one measly garbage can that's never emptied is not going to cut it!!!!!
  • 409-449 Vanderbilt Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA - Fort Greene
    A number of deep potholes (6" +) on Vanderbilt between Gates and Greene force bikers to veer into traffic to avoid severe tire damage. Especially dangerous because, while Vanderbilt's bike lane ends at Atlantic, many bikers continue on the road after it ends.
  • 19-23 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA - Boerum Hill
    The garbage has been overflowing from a garbage can on the northeast corner of 4th Ave and Pacific St for over a week now. There is garbage blowing around and littering the surrounding sidewalk and street.
  • 590 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY - Boerum Hill
    I have filed multiple noise complaints with 311. Every night (except when it rains!) jack hammering begins around 10pm and goes on through the wee hours of the morning. I have to turn on my a/c unit in the bedroom just to muffle the noise. It's difficult to sleep. I live on Pacific St. near 4th Ave. and it seems that this construction project (roads? cable company? no idea) is exempt from the 6pm-7am law prohibiting loud construction. Why? There are many apartment buildings in the area. I had a guest in my apartment leave in the middle of the night to stay in a hotel. This must stop. It's inhumane.
  • 175 Prospect Place Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
    The sign notifying drivers about the new speed hump is hidden behind a tree. It's nearly invisible to cars, which defeats the purpose of the bump. In the attached picture, you can see a corner of the yellow sign in the middle of the picture, across the street from the white truck.
  • 568 Carlton Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA - Prospect Heights
    Car illegally blocking sideway forcing pedestrian to walk on the street against busy traffic. Very dangerous!!
  • 170 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY - Park Slope
    The owners of the furniture store at 170 Flatbush Ave do not pick up trash and litter that accumulates in front of their store. Instead, they wait for the wind to blow it around and into the street or in front of other shops. This strip is consistently one of the filthiest blocks in the area and the building owners/store management need to take responsibility for their property asap.
  • 563-617 Pacific Street New York, NY - Park Slope

    I reported this for Boerum Hill, but no one is watching those posts AND this is technically a Park Slope issue now. Here is my original post from yesterday:

    For the past three days a man has been collecting trash from the city cans around the area in large black bags. At first he was storing these bags in the nook behind the MTA elevator on the sidewalk at 4th Ave. and Pacific St.

    The MTA cleared out this mound of stuff and either they or the man put it behind the PC Richard building, again on the sidewalk.

    Now he's actually putting his black garbage bags on the top of the garbage can at that corner and waiting for it to fill up with trash so he can then take it and store it behind the building.

    This morning I observed him going through the trash from a small bag and putting it into another bag. He camps out behind the elevator and appears to be keeping more and more stuff there. Litter from his stuff is collecting around the area.

    I've filed a 311 complaint for trash violation and I plan to call today about the "encampment" situation. My husband told a police officer about it on the other side of 4th Ave. this morning and the cop told him that a) it's across the street so not his jurisdiction and b) the man isn't doing anything that's "hazardous".

    How is hoarding large amounts of trash on a public sidewalk not a public health hazard? We already have a rat problem on this block.

    After I wrote this post, here's what happened:
    Update - This man moved all of his stuff in front of our apartment building yesterday afternoon. I filed a homeless person encampment 311 complaint when I saw this after work and our super called the police.

    A few hours later, he moved all back behind the PC Richard building last night. All of the garbage bags and his other items (various carts) were still there this morning - and soaked by the rain, of course.

    So it continues to be an issue. The woman I spoke with from 311 said that it will be handled by the police if they are not responding to an emergency situation. This is totally unsanitary. Like I said before, we have a rat problem on this block due to the proximity of the subway and store dumpsters.
    The area behind PC Richard is often occupied by homeless people who are sleeping and/or relieving themselves on the sidewalk. If the police aren't going to do anything about it, then PC Richard managers should be involved.

  • Test issue Archived
    545 Dean St Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
  • 577-579 Carlton Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA - Prospect Heights
    The construction has fully block the sidewalk for over four years now. there is no further call for this as the construction is almost done.The sidewalks would be open to pedestrian traffic
  • Lafayette Avenue Subway Station Brooklyn, NY - Fort Greene
    Do you use this station regularly? What would you like to see changed? What is your vision for a positive urban future here? Post a comment on this issue, and join the conversation —