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I have been walking for over 5 yr about 3 to 4 times per day to make sure that are area is safe and we report to 311 or to the police if needed we have called in fires in the past as well as other emergency s I am a ham radio tec as well the streets that I watch are Buchanan st ne , Filmore st NE , Pirice st ne , summer st ne , spring st NE . and johnson st ne I am also medical CNA as well always willing to help

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  • 2000 Nicollet Avenue Minneapolis, MN - Whittier
    Why is a union-busting, farmer-mistreating chain business like Starbucks given a permit to operate within the city of mpls? It's a license to send profits to out-of-state corporate headquarters...Save us licensing department!
  • 300 E 16th St Minneapolis, MN 55404, USA - Loring Park
    the encampment grows. there are tents bicycles trash and people. they are coming south across the bridge I've seen two people at different times used to 17th Street Overlook Gardens as a bathroom and also seen them use the gardens in front of 1707 Stevens as a bathroom. This morning I had to rush somebody out of my entrance at 6:30 a.m. this is getting out of control.
  • 4346-4398 Upton Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55410, USA - Linden Hills
    Go spelunking in this beautiful, spacious pothole. Choose either the main pothole or other, smaller, satellite potholes. Springtime fun for everyone.
  • War Zone Archived
    6004 Penn Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55410, USA - Armatage
    Penn Ave from 56th to Crosstown looks like it's been bombed. One pothole near 60th Street did $530 damage to my car.
  • 1156-1398 Industrial Blvd Ne Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA - Southeast Como
    Industrial Ave and Broadway are nothing but potholes - I keep waiting for my car to start shedding car parts from all the shaking that goes on while driving these streets
  • 4406 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407 - Northrop
    Better crosswalks need to be put in, especially near bus stops! Planning laws say that there should be one here, but there isn't. What about adding a pedestrian activated crosswalk? Here's a link: http://www.saferoutesinfo.org/guide/case_studies/case_study.cfm?CS_ID=CS651&CHAPTER_ID=C353
    This would help transit riders get to the bus safely all times of the year. Every rider that uses Cedar buses will need to cross at least once per day.
  • 3648 Nicollet Ave Minneapolis, MN 55409, USA - Kingfield
    You can't even drive around the potholes anymore because there are so many!
  • 3098 Pleasant Ave Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA - Lyndale
    There is one huge canyon of a pothole right about at this intersection that makes you think your car might have just broken if you drive over it. It's hard to see at night.
  • War zone Archived
    2523-2601 Riverside Ave Minneapolis, MN 55454, USA - Cedar-Riverside
    There are so many pot holes on Riverside Ave going in both directions that it looks like a war zone. The damage is primarily from Franklin Ave to the Hospital complex. Please fix this before I need to send the city a bill for realignment on my car.
  • 1707 3rd Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55404, USA - Stevens Square
    Homeless encampment that is growing. Stack of old bike frames and bags of garbage. People in the encampment holler at people and cars.
  • 4400 Portland Ave S Minneapolis, MN - Regina
    Cars are using the new right-hand bicycle lane as a passing lane... many cars going 40 MPH or faster... Maybe some obstacles need to be placed into the lane to help protect the facility and even other drivers who are parking their cars on the right shoulder.
  • 3529-3549 Broadway St Ne Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA - Southeast Como
    You can't avoid them, can't swerve to miss them. I'm sure I left bits of my car on Broadway, just west of 280.