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I have been walking for over 5 yr about 3 to 4 times per day to make sure that are area is safe and we report to 311 or to the police if needed we have called in fires in the past as well as other emergency s I am a ham radio tec as well the streets that I watch are Buchanan st ne , Filmore st NE , Pirice st ne , summer st ne , spring st NE . and johnson st ne I am also medical CNA as well always willing to help

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  • Cedar Lake Trail & N Cedar Lake Regional Trail & Twins Way Minneapolis, MN 55403, USA - North Loop
    Clean out homeless campsites under Glenwood 394 overpass.
  • 2817 Riverside Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA - Seward
    It is impossible to avoid the potholes, they are down both sides of the street and lanes. This is very dangerous and harmful to your car!
  • 5013 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407 - Keewaydin
    Parking lanes here are too shallow and traffic is too fast near this park. The only parking option for most people who use this recreational area is very dangerous, especially with small children.
  • 901-999 26th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA - Seward
  • 3636-3698 2nd Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55409, USA - Central
    Huge diameter, huge depth
  • Many Potholes Archived
    1828 E 42nd St Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA - Standish
    on 42nd and Cedar intersection and 42nd east of cedar many potholes and dangerous because also very narrow street.
  • 3529-3549 Broadway St Ne Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA - Southeast Como
    You can't avoid them, can't swerve to miss them. I'm sure I left bits of my car on Broadway, just west of 280.
  • Hiawatha Ave Minneapolis, MN - Corcoran
    Ever since LRtTstarted, the traffic lights are operated to stop ALL traffic each and every time a Train is nearby. Since they run every few minutes in one direction or another, traffic on 55 must stop and wait for the train to pass. If you unfortunate enough to get to 46th street and are hoping to turn left , it is horrendous. On 2/17/12 I waited 4 light cycles to turn left from SB 55 to EB 46th.If the US wants to save Gasoline, A change in this light situation will probably save 300,000 gallons a year.
  • Plymouth Ave Bridge Over Mississippi River Minneapolis, MN - North Loop
    Let's start working on the Plymouth Avenue Bridge. I tired of having to drive out of my way to/from work each weekday. Gas is expensive
  • 2603 Golden Valley Rd - Willard Hay
  • 2701-2799 E 31st St Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA - Longfellow
    Road just outside of the post office is extremely bumpy and full of potholes of varying size and depth.
  • 1600 Johnson St Ne Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA - Northeast Park
    Timing or sensors need to be adjusted for left turn into the quarry when driving south on Johnson st ne to prevent future accidents and unnecessary traffic during high volume shopping times and the turn lane gets backed up into the lane for drivers heading straight.