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NW Cary/Morrisville

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  • Lichtin Blvd Morrisville, NC - Morrisville
    Lichtin Rd is a 2-lane wide road but only left side of it is used to make a right turn only on Hwy 54 towards Durham or NC540/I%40 East. Repaint road marking to make right side of Lichtin for "NC540 EAST only". That way those of us that are trying to pick up I-540 to Raleigh/N. Raleigh / Wake Forest do not have to wait for those traveling to CH, Durham or West.
  • State Road 1980 Durham, NC 27703, USA - Durham County
    This 3 leg-intersection does not work. Drivers make illegal u-turns daily because they cannot get the direction they need to go. There is no convenient way around making illegal u-turns. Please make this a regular 4-way intersection!
  • All Of Church Street Morrisville, NC - Morrisville
    Church street has so many pot holes that it is becoming dangerous due to drivers' swerving into opposite lane to avoid them.
  • 1123-1199 State Road 1637 Morrisville, NC 27560, USA - Morrisville
    numerous potholes along this streach of church st.
  • 7301 Kit Creek Road Durham, North Carolina - Wake County
    The traffic light at Kit Creek Rd & Hwy 55 is backing way back on Kit Creek Rd due to left turn lane onto 55. This was working fine until a week or so ago. The left turn lane is no longer flashing amber (it really should be) when the straight lane is green, and the green arrow is too short. This is causing a huge backup on Kit Creek Road every day during rush hour.
  • 109-199 E Williams St Apex, NC - Apex

    Everytime it rains, NC 55 floods under the railroad underpass. Town of Apex has acknowledged it as they put high water signs up. Why has nothing further been done? Is more drains needed? Some sort of full street drain and/or pumps?

    Ive seen tons of people hydroplane with this so its a big safety issue.

  • Davis Drive Cary, NC - Cary
    Due to the proliferation of new lights on Davis, the road has become stop and go practically every few hundred feet during rush hour (4:30-6 pm). Could the Town please work with Morrisville to time the lights during this period when 99% of traffic is going south on Davis? I have seen one car form a subdivision stop the whole flow of traffic on Davis. This road could really move traffic a lot better with some simple planning during this key period of time.
  • 5701 Mccrimmon Pkwy morrisville, NC - Morrisville
    DOT crews paved McCrimmon Pkwy within the past month. While paving near the railroad crossing, they disabled the traffic lights. Since they have completed the paving and re-activated the lights, the timing of the light cycles has generated long traffic lines in the morning/evening on McCrimmon to take a right/left onto Chapel Hill Rd. This was not happening before the repaving project. Traffic is backed up as far as Davis Dr.
  • 6900-6914 Massey Chapel Rd Durham, NC 27713, USA - Durham County
    This street is very dangerous during the morning and evening commute we need a signal or a mirror because this intersection has to much of a blind spot.
  • 2213-2316 Sedwick Dr Durham, NC 27713, USA - Durham

    several big dips/uneven and broken pavement within only feet apart. Nothing has been done. I'll need a wheel alignment soon. Where do I send my bill??????

    It's 6/1/11 and nothing has been done. Some work was done on the end I was not complaining about.

  • Littering Archived
    274 Hogans Valley Way Cary, NC - Cary
    Hogans Valley Way is a cut thru street and is experiencing a littering problem at the section of the street near Davis Drive. Request stepped-up litter law enforcement or more frequent street sweeping.
  • St Marys Street raleigh, NC - Apex
    The two blocks of St. Marys street in between Peace and Hillsborough are incredibly dark. Considering the fact that there are three schools within a block of here, its very dangerous for this issue top go unchecked. Children cross the street wearing dark clothing, and its difficult for drivers to see them with only their headlights as guidance.