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  • Pinto Ranch Recreation Area Oakland, CA, USA - Caballo Hills
    This public ballfield has been locked up tight all summer, with the exception of occasional organized events. Why? This deprives kids of an opportunity to go out and play ball!
  • 4654 Redwood Rd Oakland 94619, United States - Caballo Hills
    4 tires missing car jacked up
  • disregard.
  • 4918-4950 Redwood Road Oakland, California - Crestmont
    Someone dumped an old car battery on the north sidewalk of Redwood Road just above Campus Drive.
  • 4600 Redwood Rd Oakland, California - Leona Heights
    Bush on median makes it hard to take a left turn out of 4500 redwood Rd parking lot.
  • 770 Canyon Oaks Dr. Oakland, California - Sequoyah
    Pile of trash in Leona Canyon parking lot
  • 11900 Campus Drive Oakland, California - Caballo Hills
    The trash container just South of the Carl B. Munck Elementary School at the bus stop has not been emptied in at least three weeks and is overflowing. (I know this because I found a paint roller handle on the street and put it in there. It is still sitting there with the other trash.)
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    6240 Ridgemont Dr Oakland, CA 94619, USA - Caballo Hills
    Should be Drive. Arrow is pointing wrong direction.
  • 4600 Redwood Road Oakland, California - Leona Heights
    The is a missing man hole cover in the slow lane of Redwood Road just down from Campus Drive. It is across from the fire plug. If a bicyclist should hit it they would be thrown off their bike and severely hurt.
  • Canyon Oaks Dr Oakland 94605, United States - Sequoyah
    White truck that looks like an abandoned ice cream truck with silver rims. This truck has been there for over a month. It is blocking the Campus Drive street view for cars coming out of the Ridgemont Residences driveway that are making a left hand turn onto Campus Drive.
  • Keller Ave And Campus Dr. Oakland, CA - Sequoyah
    It is completely dark on Keller. Is super Dark and unsafe.
  • 13800 Campus Dr Oakland Ca - Caballo Hills
    Water is springing up from PG&E box in sidewalk just below 13800 Campus Drive. This street has a history of water main leaks.