Bruce Whitten

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  • 5160-5210 Old Redwood Road Oakland, California - Caballo Hills
    There is a 5 gal water bottle with a greenish liquid on the uphill side of the road. It looks like it could be hazardous waste.
  • Sidewalk Archived
    6181 Ridgemont Drive Oakland, CA 94619, USA - Caballo Hills
    TV Cable and the ATT utility boxes have collapsed the sidewalk creating an extreme hazard. Have contacted both Comcast and ATT but they are unresponsive to the issue. I need the City of Oakland to step in and force them to fix the problem as an urgent matter.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    11900 Campus Dr Oakland, CA, 94619, USA - Caballo Hills
    I live behind Carl Munck elementary school. I have a dead tree that the Oakland fire department has asked me to remove. The tree service needs access to the school parking lot to access the tree. Do I need permission?
  • Campus Dr Oakland, CA - Caballo Hills
    2 bags of never used concrete
  • Other Archived
    Campus Drive/High Knoll Oakland, California - Caballo Hills
    Burnt car parked on street
  • 5160 Old Redwood Road Oakland, California - Caballo Hills
    Someone dumped several black trash bags and a tire on Old Redwood Road.
  • 12000 Campus Dr Oakland, CA 94619, USA - Caballo Hills
  • 5100-5176 Keller Ave Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Sequoyah
    White toilet and tank
  • 11900 Campus Drive Oakland, California - Caballo Hills
    There are two piles of car parts on the west side of Campus Drive
    across from the drive way to the Eastmont Church. It looks like they are left from an auto accident. I drug them into two piles for easier pick up.
  • 770 Canyon Oaks Dr. Oakland, California - Sequoyah
    Pile of trash in Leona Canyon parking lot
  • Campus Dr Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Sequoyah

    There is an abandoned vehicle iMitsubishi SUV silver color on campus Drive at Canyon Oaks Drive.

    California license plate number 6SAH258.

  • 5025 Crystal Ridge Ct - Caballo Hills
    Not sure how or who to report this to:1. Non-operating vehicles stored on front driveway 2. Garage doors blocked by materials stored on driveway. 3. Blight. 4. Fire hazard?