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  • Sidewalk Archived
    6181 Ridgemont Drive Oakland, CA 94619, USA - Caballo Hills
    TV Cable and the ATT utility boxes have collapsed the sidewalk creating an extreme hazard. Have contacted both Comcast and ATT but they are unresponsive to the issue. I need the City of Oakland to step in and force them to fix the problem as an urgent matter.
  • Campus Dr Oakland, CA - Caballo Hills
    2 bags of never used concrete
  • 5160-5210 Old Redwood Road Oakland, California - Caballo Hills
    There is a 5 gal water bottle with a greenish liquid on the uphill side of the road. It looks like it could be hazardous waste.
  • 4500 Redwood Road Oakland, California - Leona Heights
    There is a bush in the median - not the tree - that is completely blocking the view of cars coming down the hill (heading west) on Redwood Road as you are trying to exit the driveway of 4500 Redwood Road.
  • 5160 Old Redwood Rd. - Caballo Hills
    Fire hydrant has been broken for one week. There was hillside grass fire over weekend and Oakland fire had to truck in water.
  • 5160 Old Redwood Road Oakland, California - Caballo Hills
    Someone dumped several black trash bags and a tire on Old Redwood Road.
  • 12000 Campus Dr Oakland, CA 94619, USA - Caballo Hills
  • 5100-5176 Keller Ave Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Sequoyah
    White toilet and tank
  • Keller Ave And Campus Dr. Oakland, CA - Sequoyah
    It is completely dark on Keller. Is super Dark and unsafe.
  • 770 Canyon Oaks Dr. Oakland, California - Sequoyah
    Pile of trash in Leona Canyon parking lot
  • Other Open
    5200 Old Redwood Road Oakland, CA 94619, USA - Caballo Hills
    Once you pass the look out, you will see a pair of shoes hanging on the telephone wire. It showed up last night, April 6th.
  • Campus Dr Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Sequoyah

    There is an abandoned vehicle iMitsubishi SUV silver color on campus Drive at Canyon Oaks Drive.

    California license plate number 6SAH258.