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  • 279 Woodside Dr. Hampstead Nc USA - Pender County
    dirt road is almost not driveable after rain.what is county tax money for?
  • Trails End Road Wilmington NC 28409 - New Hanover County
    Two sailboats are sunk across from the Trails End Boat Ramp. One has been there for about three years and the other about a year. At high tide you can't see them at all but are only under the water about half a foot. At low tide they obstruct the channel. They are a hazard to boaters in that area and have been there way to long! I don't know who you inform about them but, they either need to be refloated and moved or, demolished on the spot and the pieces removed. They could cause extreme harm to someone if not moved. Please consider my plea as well as others who feel the same. Thank you.
  • Intersection Of Hospital Place Drive/Savannah Court And S 17th St Wilmington, NC 28401, USA - Wilmington
    There are four buses that can transport people to the Health Department, whereas only one of the buses, the 105 Medical Center Line, actually drops people off on the side of 17th Street in which the Health Department is located. The other three bus routes - the 106 West Line, the 202 Independence Line, and the 205 Long Leaf Park Line, - all drop people off on the other side of 17th Street, a major thoroughfare in Wilmington.
    This street is a crowded and congested intersection. While trying to cross the street at this location, I have noticed that the traffic light does not last long enough to allow a pedestrian to cross without being forced to run. I find this situation to be very unsafe, as many patrons of the Health Department are elderly, disabled, or parents with children. As this is a significant public safety risk, I am proposing that a pedestrian Crosswalk be placed at the intersection of 17th Street and Hospital Place Drive/Savannah Court, to make it safer for people going to New Hanover Health Department via bus.
  • 669 Westwind Dr. S.W. - Continental US
    We people in Ocean Trails 2, are in need of the dirt road being fix of lots of pot hole, the hole are doing damage to our cars and trucks. We are having to get the cars and trucks realined due the road. When it rain the holes some are so bad that it holds water for a good while. The cars get suck at the entrance to the delevopment and going out of it, because there is to much sand there. We have older people in here that have bad backs and the road cause their backs to hurt. We have took up signed papers with names of people who live here twice to get the roads fix, but nothing has been done. The person who delivers the mail here doesn't want to come in the delevopment, and the ambulance have a hard time on this road too. They have to come down here quite offton due to my step-dad. Please can you help us to get something done about these roads. We pay our taxes too, and the county, should take care of paving these roads. Ocean Trails 2 is off of Stone Chimley Road in Supply N.C.. Please help us with this problem.
  • 1000 1300 Robert Ruark Dr Se Southport, NC 28461, USA - Continental US
    The intersection of highway 211 (Howe Street) and SR 1852 (Robert Ruark Dr.) in Southport is in a serious need of turning lights.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    4008-4016 Robert Ruark Dr Se Southport, NC 28461, USA - Continental US
    There are a number of pot holes on both sides of the road on Robert Ruark Dr. that are dangerous and need to be addressed.
  • 501 N 3rd St Wilmington, NC 28401, USA - Wilmington
    The Streets of Historic Downtown Wilmington are certainly showing their age, especially on North 3rd Street, which many tourists have to travel to come to any of the festivals held near Downtown. At many places the streets are worn down to exposing the old brick streets, which is kind of neat, but horrible for the alignment jobs on our cars.
  • 700-798 U.S. 17 Business Wilmington, NC 28401, USA - Wilmington
    The straight lanes shift to the right when traveling South on 3rd st at Wooster. DOT put up useless signs showing the lanes go straight, not shifting. I've seen a number of people in the right lane drift over into the left lane when crossing Wooster.
  • 5224-5298 Clear Run Dr Wilmington, NC 28403, USA - Wilmington
  • 7100 Murrayville Rd Wilmington, NC 28411, USA - Murraysville
    The speed limit is 45 on Murrayville road, once you come into the neighborhood of Quail Woods the limit changes to 35. This is not observed, and repeatedly have drivers cruising at 45+ through road. Lobbying for a stop sign to slow down motorist, but the DOT says no. What is the difference between White road and Courtney pines Road. Help save our neighborhood children and residents from the situation we saw and attached picture.
  • Market St. & Wendover - New Hanover County
    Ogden - Corner of Market St. and Wendover in Ogden (Smithfield's & Big Lots shopping center) desperately needs a traffic light. Impossible to make a left turn out of the development and there has been multi accidents.
  • 3910 Spicetree Drive Wilmington, NC 28412, USA - Wilmington
    As one is driving north on Carolina Beach Rd ( driving away from Monkey Junction), at the intersection of Carolina Beach Rd and Independence Blvd, there is no green ARROW for the left turn lane. So, when one reaches that intersection, in busy traffic, which is 95% of the time, with only having a solid green light in the left turn lane, only one car gets through the intersection with each light turn. This creates unbelievable congestion, with many cars waiting in line "for their turn," and impatient drivers run the red light in that left turn lane, due to this problem. The city needs to install a left turn ARROW in that intersection.