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  • 616-698 Danford Rd Se Bolivia, NC 28422, USA - Continental US
    this road is far to narrow to accomodate the heavy flow of traffic and larger vehicles. I have witnessed 2 school bus's passing and both had half of their rear tandem wheels off of the pavement and this could cause a roll over injurying lots of children. Accidnts are constant cars coming around samll bends and drop off to throw those trying to keep away into ditches and people being injured.
  • Rocky Point NC, USA - Pender County
    Right in this area is an area of road shoulder that is dangerous and harmful to a front tire if you hit it. I recently had a vehicle cross into my lane. This caused me to hit the shoulder and destroy a tire and rim. I hit a trench next to the road. There are several of these type of areas between Ashton crossroads and Castle Hayne.
  • 10240 Mariners Cove Ct Belville, NC - Belville
    The street light in front of 10240 Mariners Cove Ct is burned out and needs to be replaced.
  • 7742-7746 Alexander Rd Wilmington, NC 28411, USA - Bayshore
    There is a hole there that i am not sure anyone would ever completely fix. I grew up on Alexander & have never seen this pothole in the curve go away for more than a year or so at a time. It gets filled in & will keep coming back. Unavoidable when other traffic is coming around the curve at the same time & its a deep hole..
  • 925 Liberty Lane Fayetteville Nc 28311 - Continental US
    My weekly trash was not picked
  • 4539 Pennystone Drive Fayetteville, North Carolina - Continental US
    Large pot hole directly in front of this address.
  • 4539 Pennystone Drive Fayetteville, North Carolina - Continental US
    The family that lives at this address is handicap, the mother is not mobile and the father is deceased. All of the children are MR and the construction crew who said they would haul it away got paid and just left it and they have not returned after being called on various occasion. She is on a fixed income and need all of the help she can get.
  • 580 River Rd Se Leland, NC 28451, USA - Belville
    There is a missing plank on the boatramp walk way towards the end at a stepdown. This is dangerous as somone could not see the missing plank and get hurt.
  • 951-999 N Front St Wilmington, NC 28401, USA - Wilmington

    Who owns the sidewalk at PPD on the PPD side of Front St. and the PPD side of Harnett? While walking there this Saturday I was told by PPD Security that I had to walk either in the street or on the opposite side. Are the sidewalks in Wilmington not public?

    Thank you

    Bill Barry

  • 607 Person St Fayetteville, North Carolina - Fayetteville
    We have a pile of leaves and bulky limbs we need to have picked up at Fire station 1
  • 3825 Corapeake Drive Fayetteville, North Carolina - Continental US
    Waste collection trucks spilled large amounts of liquid waste along the street in front of my home and adjacent homes. Requesting some form of street cleaning be done as we do not know what these liquids were/are or if they might be harmful. Additionally, they are quite unsightly.
  • Military Cutoff And Eastwood - Wilmington
    The light at Military Cutoff and Eastwood appears to be running a fixed timing cycle. It doesn't matter if cars are there or not. The light stays red for extended periods even when no traffic is being served by the green in other directions. Calling City Of Wilmington got me no-where. They say they don't see a problem. Try going through at 10:00 PM. Clearly there's an issue.