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  • 1638 W. Armitage Chicago, IL - Logan Square
    Dear CDOT, the yellow lane lines need repainting at 1638 W. Armitage.
  • 2914 N. California Chicago, IL - Avondale
    Issue closed by city but conditions still exist. Problem may be address can't be pinpointed via SeeClickFix. Pavement like an unmarked speed bump followed by bad pavement. Lowest point in road so fills with water, which freezes. Cars crossing bike lane to go north on 90/94 add to danger for cyclists. Hard to see if you aren't on bike.
  • 2916 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL - Hamlin Park
    From 2800 - 3200 N Damen the pavement is is severely poor: The block of 2900 N Damen has major pavement depressions and potholes. Semis and a vehicles pulling trailers rumble over the dramatically uneven pavement, which causes massive vibrations which causes nearby structures to shake (I feel it in my home, I know how a small earthquake feels now) and causes loud impact noises. Between 3000 - 3200 N Damen the city recently replaced the water main and the street remains chewed up from their work. Why haven't they resurfaced that part of the street? The street is horrible and the city needs to resurface it ASAP! It's only going to deteriorate further when the winter comes.
  • Pothole in Street Acknowledged
    2313 West Dickens Avenue Chicago, IL 60647, USA - Logan Square
  • Other Open
    1876 North Leavitt Street Chicago, IL 60647, USA - Logan Square
    Potholes in alley
  • Other Archived
    California & Palmer Chicago, IL 60647, USA - Chicago Ward 35
    Stop for pedestrian sign missing at Palmer and California
  • 2049 W Diversey Pkwy Chicago, IL - Hamlin Park
  • Other Archived
    1900-1912 North Hermitage Avenue Chicago, IL 60622, USA - Logan Square
    Missing bus stop sign
  • 2409 N Western Ave Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 1
    2 large potholes in alley causing car damage. They have gotten worse and are unavoid able at this point.
  • 2537-2543 N Clybourn Ave Chicago, IL - Lincoln Park
    There was a serious accident last week at Clybourn and Terra Cotta Pl. A semi hit the bridge and wrapped it's trailer around one of the pillars. I'm concerned about the structural integrity of the bridge. If a train accident happened here it would destroy all of the town homes that are on the side of the tracks.
  • 1951 North Western Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 1
    Mcdonalds construction workers beginning each day at 630 a.m.. City code says no one can work on heavy equipment before 8 a.m.- NO Police show up, no city officials to stop the 6:30 work? Why does Mcdonalds get a pass on city violations?
  • 1760-1798 West Wrightwood Avenue Chicago, IL 60614, USA - Lincoln Park
    East bound lane is is very badly riddled with pot holes