Chicago 311

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  • Sheridan Rd Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 48
    My alderman supports divesting from legit communities and people in need, and CPS, in order to give 14 million dollar$ to a PRIVATE developer who proposes Maryville in Uptown. This is wrong- we won't stand for it!
  • Ashland & Bryn Mawr Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Andersonville
    Major pothole
  • Rotten Tree Acknowledged
    1444-1446 W Olive Ave Chicago, Illinois - Andersonville
    A tree between 1446 & 1444 W Olive is partially rotten and needs to be trimmed. The limbs pictures fell ten seconds before I passed under the tree with my puppy. I received an update today saying this issue has been closed however the tree has not been touched.
  • 5628 North Clark Street Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Andersonville
    This large (typically empty) sidewalk cafe leaves only 1-2 feet of usable sidewalk space. When someone uses the bike rack, the walkway becomes almost completely blocked. An obstructed sidewalk means pedestrians must walk in the street.
  • 5603 N Wayne Ave Chicago, IL 60660, USA - Andersonville
    Flooding at the corner of Bryn Mawr and Wayne
  • No HEAT Archived
    1210 Elmdale Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 48
    There is still no heat in the Edgewater library for over a week. They don't know why. There is no ETA (estimated time of arrival) of when it will be fixed.
  • 5639 N Glenwood Ave Chicago, IL, 60660, USA - Andersonville
    Water main is broken in front of 5610 n Glenwood
  • 5942 N. Broadway Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 48

    Bus stop not visible, parked cars blocking entry to bus. CTA needs to install proper signs to ensure that drivers don't blow by the stop without picking up passengers.

    For details, see:

  • 1150 W Glenlake Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60660 - Chicago Ward 48
  • 1010 Thorndale Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 48
    Chopped up tree needs to be removed, it has been there for over a week now.
  • 5440 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Andersonville
    giant pothole coming out of Walgreens parking lot, along bike lane
  • 5739 N Ravenswood Ave Chicago, IL 60660, USA - Andersonville
    RV has been on street for 18 days.