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  • Other Archived
    1001-1099 Pine Street Oakland, CA 94607, USA - Prescott Oakland Point
    This bus has been parked her for 2 months. Oakland parking code does not allow Vehicles over 10,000 lbs to park on residential streets.
  • 3047 Martin Luther King Jr Way - Hoover-Foster
    They closed a previous ticket assuring that they cleaned. But they did not. They are very incompetent and lazy. This is the same garbage for 4 weeks. Please clean it for real this time. There is also trash in the bus stop at the opposite corner. Please clean it.
  • Graffiti Archived
    5000 Macarthur Boulevard Mills College, Oakland, CA 94613, USA - Mills College
    bus schedule has graffiti
  • Graffiti Archived
    3240 Lakeshore Avenue Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Trestle Glen
    3410 Lakeshore (FastPrint) backs of two benches at bus stop
  • Pothole Archived
    500-534 Merrimac Street Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Pill Hill
    On Merrimack right off Telegraph. Two large potholes on street next to renal dialysis center. Street is used extensively by para transit vehicles to transport ill patients and pot holes cause them pain
  • Garbage Archived
    3046 Market St Oakland, California - Hoover-Foster
    Garbage at bus stop on market street
  • 3801 Broadway Oakland, California - Mosswood
    At the AC Transit bus stop at the northwest corner of 38th and Broadway.
  • Broadway And 40th Street Oakland, CA - Temescal
    The back side of this bench is covered with gang graffiti.
  • Other: Signs Archived
    646 42nd Street Oakland, CA 94609, USA - Longfellow
    Corner post bent 85 degrees and bus bench moved. Evidence of car crash nearby.
  • Other Archived
    1100-1198 Pine Street Oakland, CA 94607, USA - Prescott Oakland Point
    Bus parked on a residential street for more than a week. This is a violation of parking code.
  • 25th And Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, California - Hoover-Foster
    Homeless have taking residence at bus stop, moved a couch and are seen defecating and urinating in the day which is also public nudity. Children's park across the street and at a public bus stop.
  • Other Archived
    762 Walker Avenue Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Lakeshore
    There is a former Paratransit van abandoned in front of our house ad partially blocking our driveway. It has been there for four days. While we can get in and out, it is tight o get past and very difficult to see around, making in and out very dangerous.