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AC Transit customer service

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  • 55th Street And Dover Intersection Oakland, California - Bushrod
    A crosswalk has been needed for years at the intersection of 55th Street and Dover, between MLK and Shattuck Avenue. Cars drive at advanced speeds and pass other cars since the street is quite wide (even with the addition of the bike lanes neighbors suggested). Due to its location between several freeway on and off ramps, along with the street's width, drivers treat this stretch of road as a freeway extension. At the residential intersection of 55th and Dover, residents and neighborhood visitors and Children's Hospital Oakland employees (often children and seniors) routinely cross to reach the hospital, the popular Dover Street Park (@Dover/59th), the North Senior Oakland Senior Center, CHORI, and the bus stops (two well-used AC Transit lines run down 55th Street) on either side of the street. Although not a formal bike route, Dover Street is also heavily utilized by bicyclists. Crossing for pedestrians and bikers is often an impossible task due to the lack of signage and a steady stream of speeding cars (some passing other cars in the oncoming lane at even higher speeds). It is particularly difficult to cross during the winter, when residents coming home from work must disembark from buses and try to cross the street after dark (and sometimes in the rain). Pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers would benefit greatly from a large reflective thermoplast crosswalk and reflective signage at 55th/Dover to alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians (particularly children and seniors) for whom they should slow down.
  • Driver Plaza Oakland, California - Santa Fe
    Driver Plaza needs help from every city agency. It is frequently the site of all-day drinking fests, the trees are dying from the daily, constant urination by the drunks who party there, and the tree planters are giant garbage cans where the drunks throw their cigarette butts, liquor bottles, needles, cans, and other nasty garbage. The bus stop glass is frequently shattered by drunk, angry people. Families try to walk their dogs and children through the gross mess and cyclists try to navigate this bike corridor without getting flats from all the broken glass.
  • 4326 Market Street Oakland, California - Longfellow
    This pothole is so large that my entire house shakes every time a truck or bus drives over it.
  • 522 20th Street (Thomss L Berkley Way) Oakland, California - San Pablo Gateway
    The multi-family building under construction next to the climbing gym is occupying the sidewalk and had cordon-ed off a temporary crossing that was working well. Last week, the temporary crossing became a storage area for rebar and pedestrians are being directed to cross mid-block. This is a very un-safe situation. There is too much of a desire line to stay on the north side of the street, and I keep seeing people walking in the street instead of crossing. The street also has a lot of AC Transit buses running on it that don't mix well with pedestrians walking in the street. The buildings on the north side of the street include the County Social Services building, Uptown Place condos, SEIU, and climbing gym. Please require them to keep this crossing open. I am attaching a picture of a man in a walker crossing in the street here. Every day, I see something like this. Thanks in advance for your attention to this.
  • 42nd & Mlk Oakland, California - Longfellow
    At southwest corner of intersection.
  • 3601-3699 Peralta St Emeryville, CA 94608, USA - Emeryville
    The homeless encampment has spread out to every sidewalk making it impossible to pass either way without walking in the street. My kids have to get to the bus. They were going out of there way to miss the encampment but now it's unavoidable. Same thing when I walk my dogs. I almost stepped on a needle. It's better if the residents of the encampment stay in the middle section under the over pass.
  • 4001 Broadway Oakland, CA - Temescal
    The benches at the bus stop near the northwest corner of 40th and Broadway are broken and covered in weeds and graffiti.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    764 40th St Oakland, California - Longfellow
    Ridiculous dumping at corner/bus stop for a week already. Uncured paint has been tracked EVERYWHERE and the furniture is nearly blocking the path. It has all been graffiti covered too, that's how long it's been here. We are not a city of trash!
  • Corner Of Moss Ave At Harrison Ave Oakland/Alameda, California - Grand Lake

    There has been some recent work done on Harrison where Moss Avenue intersects. They replaced the asphalt on the street and then covered the crosswalk.

    (In the photo, the left half, you can see where the old crosswalk line is near the corner of the sidewalk)

    The crosswalk needs to be repainted, please. Without it, drivers fly down the hill and since they don't have a stop sign (although they should) they have no incentive to slow down. Many people cross the street at that corner because there is a bus stop.

  • Homeless encampment Acknowledged
    55th Street between Shattuck Ave. and Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA - Bushrod

    There is a homeless encampment at this location. As a result
    there is lots of trash and debris. This is a corridor that the
    residents of our neighborhood have to walk through everyday.

    And there are campers and buses that stay there 24hours/day.

    Can the homeless camp please be removed? Can signs be posted that vehicles cannot stay in this area? When you walk by the campers you cannot be seen and you are not sure who will suddenly come out of one them.

    Your help is much appreciated!

  • Broadway & 38th Oakland, California - Mosswood
    At the northwest corner of the intersection.
  • Park And Wellington Oakland, CA - Glenview
    Rumbo al sur leaves trash cans on sidewalk impairing egress and bus stop. Please cite them.