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  • Broadway & 38th Oakland, California - Mosswood
    At the northwest corner of the intersection.
  • Park And Wellington Oakland, CA - Glenview
    Rumbo al sur leaves trash cans on sidewalk impairing egress and bus stop. Please cite them.
  • 3015 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, California 94609 - Hoover-Foster
    the people who live in 3015A. notorious dump their trash outside of their fence. please find these people. the trash blows all over the neighborhood. look at this shirt.
  • 5363-5367 Shafter Avenue Oakland, California - Shafter
    Shafter is supposed to be a bike route, but it is so bumpy and rough that I and many other bicyclists avoid it. We really have few other alternatives to get to downtown Oakland -- Telegraph doesn't have bike lanes, as you know, and is full of buses. Please consider making resurfacing this street a priority, since it is a designated bike route and will be used much more if it isn't horribly uncomfortable. That will be good news for cyclists and everyone else because it will relieve some of the bike traffic on Telegraph.
  • High Street At Masterson Oakland, California - Upper Laurel

    This is an area with a lot of commuting traffic. There should be a crosswalk across High Street along Masterson. This is one block up the hill (East) from Macaurthur where the transbay bus picks up and drops off.


  • 3421a Hollis Street Emeryville, CA 94608, USA - Clawson
    Two big panes of broken glass in the street. Shattered glass everywhere. Someone's going to bust a tire.
  • 531 55th Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Shafter
    Multiple large vehicles, bus, campers, RV's and a homeless encampment that is creating a ton of trash and debris. Are these vehicles registered? Everytime they move they leave behind piles of trash.
  • 4900 Telegraph & 5055 Telegraph Oakland, California - Temescal
    Sidewalks of the AC Transit bus stops on Telegraph & 49th (both southbound and northbound) are filthy with smelly, sticky black stuff (blood?) and urine and beer. Commute daily at these bus stops and they are repulsive. Northbound stop never gets cleaned because it doesn't have an advertising shelter. Southbound stop has a shelter which gets power-washed but they don't clean the sidewalk in/around the shelter.
  • 2701-2707 Park Boulevard Oakland, California - Cleveland Heights

    There is a pothole in the rightmost lane traveling downhill on Park Boulevard just before the light at Spruce.

    This pothole is a danger for bicycles. Bikes travel at higher speeds here, near the the 25mph speed limit, while cars frequently travel faster. A crashed cyclist could get run over by car or bus. Switching lanes at the last second could be a problem because of the high speed of traffic in the leftmost lane.

  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    777-799 41st St Oakland, CA 94609, USA - Longfellow
    Bus set on west at 41st
  • Graffiti Archived
    1526 32nd Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Clawson
    Building has been tagged pretty badly by vandals. We bust our butts trying to keep the environment clean and safe. Maybe DPW should work with the police or vice versa.
  • 40th & Broadway Oakland, California - Temescal
    On the north side of 40th Street, just west of Broadway.