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Dunwoody Club Forest and nearby

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  • 2342-2348 Mount Vernon Road Dunwoody, GA - Dunwoody
    There are several areas outside of Oxford Chase subdivision with raised sidewalk sections. Walkers and runners constantly trip/fall on these areas.
  • Oxford Chase Way Dunwoody, GA 30338 - Dunwoody
    Remove fallen tree limbs on Mt.Vernon Rd. just near the entrance of Oxford Chase sub-division off Mt.Vernon Road. Please see attached photos. Thank you!
  • 5281 Oxford Chase Way Atlanta, Georgia - Dunwoody

    Please cover the pothole near the center island of the entrance to Oxford Chase sub-division. It is on the road near the side of the island leaving the sub-division. Please refer to the attached pictures.


  • 5285 Oxford Chase Way Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    A pothole has developed near the entrance of the Oxford Chase subdivision. This affects all cars leaving the subdivision
  • 2495 Jett Ferry Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody

    I just witnessed a car with Florida license plates completely BLOW THROUGH the 4-way stop sign at Jett Ferry & Dunwoody Club Drive. He was on Dunwoody Club Drive headed west. I had just approached the intersection on Jett Ferry headed north. Had I gotten there 10-20 seconds earlier, it is quite possible the car would have hit me on the passenger side; with my wife sitting there.

    Are there any plans on improving the safety of this intersection? (We don’t need a traffic light. That will simply cause more traffic to be backed up during non-rush hour times.)

    We regularly have collisions at this intersection. My wife & I regularly walk across this intersection going to the shops. Even with the crosswalk painted white lines, it still does not feel safe & inviting for a person to be there & walk across the intersection on foot.

    Here are some suggestions:

    • Very quickly & cheaply, paint on the pavement well-in-advance of the intersection in all directions: “Stop Ahead”
    • Add “Stop Ahead” signs
    • Get a flashing red light installed – Just like there is at Dunwoody Club Drive & Ball Mill
    • Install a splitter island installed on Dunwoody Club drive on the east side of the intersection where there are pedestrians which cross
    • Rumble strips ahead of the intersection
    • Raised Pedestrian Crossings
    • Slowing the speed limit down from 35 to 25 mph:
    a) On Jet Ferry from Mt. Vernon to Dunwoody Club Drive. This is a pedestrian-intense segment with an unsafe number of curbcuts that would have never been approved today (ask Sandy Springs to continue it to several hundred feet prior to the intersection)
    b) On Dunwoody Club Drive starting from Mt Vernon (to the east) to several hundred feet west of the intersection
    • Install mid-block pedestrian crossing islands (act as traffic calming. “Inform” motor vehicle drivers there are persons on foot in this area.)
    a) Jett Ferry halfway between Mt. Vernon & Dunwoody Club
    b) Dunwoody Club halfway between Jett Ferry & Mt. Vernon

    FHWA Reference on Unsignalized Intersections: http://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/intersection/unsignalized/presentations/unsig_pps_041409/long.cfm

  • Sewer Leak Archived
    1827 Leiden Ct Dunwoody, GA - Dunwoody
    There is a sewer leak into the stream between Forest Springs Ct, Gramercy, and Leiden Ct. Suds and foul sewer smell downstream.
  • 2221-2251 Mount Vernon Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    The sidewalks on Mt. Vernon (between Tilly Mill and the center of Dunwoody) have become overgrown. Runners and walkers have to navigate bushes growing 1/2 way out into the sidewalk as well as high grass.
  • 5301 Hallford Dr Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    This causes drivers to divert to the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic. It is unsafe to ride a motorcycle or bicycle over this area.
  • 5163-5199 Vermack Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    The left arrow is only activated during morning rush hour. The left arrow is greatly needed due to school and sports all afternoon and into the evening. Sometimes only one car gets through intersection as it has to wait to turn left and/or those wanting to go straight go around the car, dangerously close to hitting each other on the Manhasset side. Dunwoody residents paid for a left turn signal, let it be used ALL DAY/AFTERNOON/EVENING. People use this left to get to Murphy Candler Park for sports as well.
  • 1967 Wellesley Trace Dunwoody, GA - Dunwoody

    As a Dunwoody resident, I would like to report two separate issues that are a DAILY problem for many vehicles and pedestrians at the Mt Vernon and Tilly Milly Rd intersection.

    Issue #1: When turning left onto Mt Vernon Rd from the Wellesley Place subdivision (Tilly Milly Rd), there is a constant issue of almost colliding with cars that are trying to turn right onto Mt Vernon Rd. They have a green light as do we. It seems that the cars turning left should have the right-of-way but this is not CLEAR because the cars turning right DO NOT have a STOP or YIELD sign. Since I have to turn left every morning to drop my daughter to school, I am always dodging an accident waiting to happen!

    Issue #2: At the same Tilly Milly intersection, when coming down Mt Vernon Rd, the road breaks into a right turn lane, meant ONLY for cars turning right into the Wellesley Place subdivision. Instead, many drivers are just using this as a second lane and swerving dangerously around the vehicle waiting at that intersection, with really NO visibility of other vehicles or pedestrians waiting at that light. PLEASE advise and rectify!

    I have personally been in an accident at this intersection with an injured baby and a totaled car. Besides that, I have witnessed many small accidents at this very busy and very dangerous intersection! the flow of Mount Vernon traffic seems to be the standard answer from the authorities. Living right here, I can assure you there are multiple options that may be used to fix this issue and I am happy to lend a hand.

    Please let me know if someone from the City of Dunwoody would like to speak with me and explain this scenario in person.

    Thank you for your time!
    Jasmine Shah

  • 2326 Mount Vernon Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Storm Drain area has separated on sidewalk making it NON-ADA compliant and very dangerous. Hard for wheelchair to maneuver over and next to sidewalk the bushes are so close, you can't go around.
  • 5204 Meadowlake Dr Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Three potholes start at Meadowlake and go to the west. Very dangerous for persons on bicycles attempting to move out of the potholes and gravel debris.