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    State & Marina City Chicago, IL 60654, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    State Street between Kinzie and the river was repaved but the mid block crosswalk between Marina Towers and the former IBM Plaza was never repainted. We've been without a marked crosswalk for more than two months now. The signs are still up but no crosswalk markings.
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    460 East Ohio Street Chicago, IL 60611, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    Broken safety rail has been missing for months. The City just put up safety tape. The hazard needs to be permanently fixed before someone is injured.
  • 600 N Lake Shore Dr Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 42
    There is a tremendous amount of glass on the path between Ohio St and Oak Street, can it be swept up?
  • 418 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60654, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    This curb is about 2 feet high. There is 1 uneven step. The whole sidewalk on this corner should be a PRIORITY on the new ADA compliant corners Chicago is installing
  • W Carroll Ave Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 42
    The street lights on Lower Carroll beneath the 321 N. Clark building are out and have been out for over 18 months.
  • 460 East Ohio Street Chicago, IL 60611, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    Building does not shovel snow and ice.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Lakefront Trail Chicago, IL 60611, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    7-eleven has installed an advertising banner on Lake Shore Trail just to the west of Ohio Street Beach. It is worse than graffiti and is illegal. Advertising is not permitted near Lake Shote Drive and certainly not in the Park District. It is installed on the ground, facing upwards to the W Hotel.
  • 301-321 N Clark St Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 42
    as you drive south on clark and cross wacker , the lanes on the street are not straight which causes drivers to inadvertently cut each other off
  • pothole Acknowledged
    150 W Superior Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 42
    large pothole 220 w superior. its been there a while
  • 198 N Park Dr Chicago, IL 60601, USA - Loop
    There are 2 lights out in the far Northwest corner of Lakeshore East Park. These lights are along the sidewalks of the park. They are not the road lights. These are the same lights reported out 3 weeks ago. Nobody was here for the week after the city closed the matter to inform you that the lights were not fixed.
  • 150-170 N Garland Ct Chicago, IL 60601, USA - Loop
    The alley floods at every rain. Major puddles force pedestrians to choose between water up to their ankles or facing oncoming Randolph traffic. It's a high volume area for business and Millenium Park tourism, and should be fixed.
  • S Lake Shore Dr Chicago, IL 60601, USA - Loop

    McHugh construction company is renovating Daley Bicentennial Park. McHugh is attempting to advertise on Lake Shore Drive. McHugh has strategically placed a truck cargo container with its side facing all of the traffic driving towards it north on Lake Shore Drive. Evidence of this violation is the fact that a very large name "McHUGH" is painted only on the side of the large container that is advertising to northbound drivers on Lake Shore Drive.

    The James McHugh Construction Company's misguided effort to blatantly advertise from that vantage point is an eyesore that violates both the natural beauty of the landscape and the well-crafted sign ordinance which protects that particularly regulated zone.