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  • 700 Capitol Ave And Highway 84 Overpass near Forest St - Frog Hollow
    There is an illegal trash dumping site under highway 84 and Capitol Ave near Forest St. in Hartford Ct. There are old toilets, tires, construction debris and mattreses. The City of Hartford and the DOT refuse to acknowledge their resposibility to cleaning up this unsitely safety hazard. This area is very close to Hartford High School and is traveled by students. It is also a disturbng eye sore as you enter into the Capitol City. This is the imagine that most people see as they enter and leave into Hartford. The lasting imagine.
    This area is on Capitol Ave under the highway near Hartford HS. This area is extremely dangerous due to uneven spaling concrete sidewalks, no lighting, collaping fences and rats.
  • Speeding Archived
    Putnam Street - Frog Hollow
    School Zone speed limit is never enforced. There are many speeding cars on Putnam Street. Having a few speed bumps and some police presence when the Burns School is in session would help to alleviate this.
  • 764 Park St Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Frog Hollow

    The gymnasium part of St. Anne's has a fresh batch of graffiti on the side facing Park Street. There has long been some on it, but in recent days a significant more has been added. It's not the type of work that remotely fits into the category of art and should probably be removed.

    Somewhat related -- the gymnasium part of the building is somewhat of an eyesore, as there is just this swath of bleak concrete. Maybe the church could add some planters filled with flowers and plants to this side. It'd make the building look less vacant and probably less appealing as a target for vandals.

    update: as of January 2011 the graffiti is still present

  • Russ St Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow
    People in cars openly exchanging drugs/money with men on the sidewalk. Open air dealing shows lack of police presence or fear of police action.
  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    422-444 Capitol Avenue Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Frog Hollow
    461 Capitol ave. Second time reporting this.
  • Neglect by Landlord Acknowledged
    405 Capitol Avenue Hartford , Connecticut - Frog Hollow
    Property experiencing long-term neglect by landlord. Grass mowed rarely. Bricks desperately need re-pointing...can see water damage. No obvious attempt to deal with loitering in front of building. Graffiti on building ignored.
  • Trash/Litter Archived
    159 Babcock Street hartford, ct - Frog Hollow
    This property is being neglected (again). Sidewalk and front yard covered with litter. Needs a Spring cleanup!
  • 390 Capitol Avenue Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow
    Overgrown weeds and litter. Building vacant and draging down the neighborhood. Help please!
  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    490-576 Capitol Avenue Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Frog Hollow
    Graffiti is getting worse at location of Capitol and Laurel.
  • 164 Ward Street Hartford, Connecticut - Frog Hollow
    This building has had no roof since at least mid-September. It's covered in graffiti.
  • Trash/Litter Archived
    2 Jefferson St12 And 216 Hartford, Connecticut - South Green
    the backs of tvs and computers are on the grass in front of curb they have been there as of today exactly one month . there are several of them and it looks terrible. it is 212 and 216 Jefferson st
  • Trash/Litter Archived
    427-595 Broad St Hartford, CT 06115, USA - Frog Hollow
    31-33 Wolcott street Hartford CT 06106
    Rats coming out of dumpster that been in the same place for a long time on an illegal working building without permit. Many complains had been file.