Prescott District

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Prescott District

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  • 1637 16th Street Oakland California - Prescott Oakland Point
    Large (3-4" high) bump in road. Has been here for 10+ years. I have seen at least 5 bicyclists fall off their bikes and injure themselves and their bikes by hitting this bump/buckle in the surface of the road. Cars are also hitting the road after hitting this large 'natural' bump.
    12 February 2019 -- STILL THERE (15 YEARS AFTER FIRST REPORTING) - Yet another person went flying head first off of their bicycle the other night.
  • Train tracks Archived
    1530 Wood St Oakland, CA - Prescott Oakland Point
    Wood street from 12th through 27th could really use train track removal and/or painted stripes indicating lanes. Wood is really well traveled now and people are all confused as to where to drive. Traveling on the tracks is hazardous to a vehicle.
  • 18th And Campbell Oakland, CA 94607, USA - Prescott Oakland Point
    18th Street from Wood to Mandela Parkway has railroad tracks running the length and it appears they are no longer used. They are in terrible shape with damaged asphalt, dozens of what I'd refer to as potholes, exposed support wood, grass growing in the cracks, and exposed rail hardware leaving the road dangerous for bicyclists, kids, the elderly, cars, etc. NEEDS TO BE REPAIRED or REMOVED.
  • 1735 15th St Oakland, CA 94607, USA - Prescott Oakland Point
    Huge pile of crap
  • 2053-2079 Mandela Parkway Oakland, California - Oakland
    I don't know if its illegal to live in a empty lot even if you pay rent for it. Living in storage containers? Lot is full of junk! Fence is covered in graffiti! Looks like a shanty town or a squat. Disturbing the peace of the neighbors.
  • Paliside Drive Oakland, CA - Prescott Oakland Point
    This is a newer street but it still does not have street lights. It gets very dark at night and people do hide in corners. Lots of people walk their dogs around there.
  • 1486 12th St. Oakland, California - Prescott Oakland Point

    The owner has kept this building abandoned for 10 years. After a conversation this week, he apparently has no plans to move in or rent it. He said he has refused several offers to buy it from him.

    The owner suspects those who hang in front most days are selling drugs. This isn't surprising given it has been neglected for 10 years.

    The neighborhood deserves more. What will it take to make sure another year does not go by with this rotting building in our neighborhood.

  • 1600 14th Street Oakland, California - Prescott Oakland Point
    Graffiti and trash in front of the building. Inside the gate abandoned construction materials that have been there for over two years.
  • vagrant Acknowledged
    1628 15th Street Oakland, California - Prescott Oakland Point
    Man has set up tent & shopping cart camp on curb and is quickly expanding by hanging all his junk & laundry on the fence enclosing this vacant lot on our residential street. Please help before this area also becomes his toilet.
  • Frontage Rd Oakland, CA - Prescott Oakland Point
    If you are travelling south on the Frontage Road from W. Grand, there are 8 (eight) street lights out between W. Grand and 14th Street. Four are on the right hand side and four are on the left hand side (as you travel south).
  • 15th Street & Wood Oakland CA - Prescott Oakland Point

    I have taken a photo but do not see way to upload it to you.

    Reported from my mobile device

  • 1728 11th St Oakland, CA 94607, USA - Prescott Oakland Point
    This house burned four years ago. Junk and toxic materials are continually being dumped. There is an abandoned car that is about to fall and five gallon containers of oil. Thanks for cleaning up the last pile but it keeps growing.