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  • Chapel Street And Ella Grasso Boulevard New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    This intersection has significant pedestrian traffic, especially children entering the park, in warmer weather months. It currently has no pedestrian crossing signal, and is a hazardous space for people to cross, given the high volume of traffic, and narrowing of the road into one lane just prior to the intersection (coming north on the Boulevard). Now is the time to address this, before kids start taking the risk to cross to and from the park this spring and summer.
  • Ella T Grasso Blvd & Edgewood Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood
    This afternoon, a team of dirtbikes and quads were going down Edgewood Ave through the red lights, and on the wrong side of the road towards traffic.
  • Chapel And Norton New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    I hope someone is investigating this blatant display of open drug dealing at this intersection. Traffic actually backs up on Friday Nights with so many "customers". I have had to drive home via a different route for fear of a deal gone bad and the ensuing violence. I know it takes time to build a case against these hoodlums, but this is out of control.
  • 203 Norton New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood
    So what's the plan with getting rid of these idiots who are terrorizing us with their dirtbikes and ATVs? Does our new mayor, Toni Harp, have any ideas? Or are we going to continue to be subjected to their noise and their flagrant disregard for safety? Is there ever going to be a point when we can enjoy a sunny afternoon without it being interrupted by dirtbikes speeding through Edgewood Park? How many more times is my baby going to be waked up by these guys speeding down our street? It's absolutely out of control.
  • 372 Edgewood Avenue New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood
    Cars illegally parked on Edgewood avenue mall
  • 1427 Ella Grasso Boulevard New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    There are loud, unlicensed, not street-legal dirt bikes going up and down Boulevard doing wheelies. This happens all the time!!! It is dangerous and loud and I wish something could be done about it!!!
  • Edgewood Ave New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    While riding in the bike lane eastbound on Edgewood Blvd this morning at 8:25, a CT Transit Bus Driver (Q3, Bus#347) tried to run me down by veering into the bikelane I was in and running me into parked cars. He WAS NOT pulling up to a busstop at the time. At the next redlight, I pulled up to the left of the bus (now stopped at a busstop) and told(his window was open) the driver to allow more room when passing cyclists. He laughed and told me to get off the road. This is actually an ongoing issue with this particular driver. I've been on his bus before when he has done the same thing to other cyclists. I've asked him directly to be more courteous to cyclists, and called the incidents into CT Transit, but have never had anyone follow up.
  • 364 Edgewood Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood

    Attention Department of Children and Families (DCF).

    Report of child abuse: the parents of children at this address are teaching their children to ride ATVs and dirt bikes on the street, sidewalks and in the edgewood mall and park.

    It is only a matter of time before they seriously hurt themselves or someone else.

  • 162-170 Norton Pkwy New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood
    Norton is more than wide enough for bike lanes (road diet) in each direction. The primary benefit is that narrowing the vehicle travel lanes in this way would help calm traffic.
  • 89 99 Ellsworth Ave New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    Pike International bought the building at the northeast corner of Chapel Street and Ellsworth Avenue last year, and, while they put a lot of work into it, they really need to take one more step and redo this sidewalk. It's badly broken and a hazard to walk over. Pike's a big company, and it certainly can afford to repair about 100 ft of sidewalk for the safety of its tenants and other residents of the neighborhood.
  • 1456 Ella T Grasso Blvd New Haven, CT - Edgewood

    This is less of a store and more of a private party. "Customers" hang out in and around the store drinking and talking with the employees. Sometime it spills over to the parking lot across the street.

    The store has only been there a few months and it's getting really bad. This was a very unwelcome addition to the neighborhood.

  • Winthrop Ave. New Haven, Connecticut - West River
    I just witnessed about a dozen people on dirtbikes and quads tear through our neighborhood directly in front of a police car. The office hit his siren once and followed ambivalently as they sped away against traffic, on sidewalks, nearly causing an accident at the corner of Winthrop and Chapel. You could still hear them a minute later, presumably all the way to Whalley. This is out of f'in control and ridiculous! How is it our police force cant stop a bunch of idiot teenagers riding around on these things? Someones going to get really hurt one day when they cause an accident or lose control of their ride. I think its time for the police to reexamine their "no chase" policy, clearly relationship building and stakeouts aren't working. It's only June and this issue is out of hand, worse than its been in previous years. Cant we basically just station officers at all the major intersections in the neighborhoods they like to frequent and blockade them in, then arrest and seize the bikes/ quads? Something else needs to be done.