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Watching issues created after: 2012-12-10

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  • 122 Norton Pkwy New Haven, CT 06511 - Edgewood
    A New Haven Register box at the northwest corner of Edgewood and Norton has been tagged with purple graffiti.
  • 742 Elm St New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    This entire block is awful to drive down, particularly on a bike. Not just potholes but incredibly uneven surface.
  • 1634 Chapel St New Haven, CT - West River
    South side of Chapel, between Ellsworth and Ella T. Grasso Boulevard.
  • 117 Maple St. New Haven, CT - Edgewood

    In November 2011, Maple St. was resurfaced. The street is now smooth, and even the intersections and crosswalks have been restriped. However, the paving contractors dismantled multiple signs during the repave. For a few months, those signs were laying on the treelawn (grass). Then the signs went missing and now we just have very short trip hazards sticking out of the grass.

    Please bolt signs to the post stumps, or bring a skidloader and yank the stumps out of the grass. Right now they're very hard to see and somebody is going to get hurt. There are at least two of these in plain sight if you stand at 117 Maple.

  • 1615 Chapel St New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood
    Parking in concrete area in front of apartment building and stores (reposting from
  • Winthrop New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    Harp sign on right of way next to silver lot on the corner of Whalley and Winthrop. This is illegal and PW is suppose to remove them.
  • Chapel St New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    Though 2 new one-way signs have been put up (see issue # 117572), drivers continue to fail to realize that you can't drive east on Chapel Street past Winthrop Avenue. In the 1.5 hours I was in Monitor Square Saturday morning, I saw 2 drivers do it. Something else needs to be done.
  • 416 Edgewood Avenue New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood

    I just watched a man empty the contents of his pockets and vehicle onto the park.

    Judging by all of the fast food waste paper here this is common practice.

    How can we stop this practice?

  • 364 Edgewood Avenue New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood
    Caught in the act! I saw this jerk vandalizing the Edgewood mall with his toy. Isn't this enough evidence to go get him? Many people have complained about him many times!
  • Sidewalks Archived
    192 Sherman Avenue New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood
    There's an abundant amount of litter up and down Sherman and Edgewood. Is this a city issue? Or is it the responsibility of homeowners? Either way...It's awful and there must be a solution.
  • one way signs Archived
    1523 Chapel St. 280 Winthrop Ave New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    one of the wrong way signs is missing at this corner and another is obscured by trees and a telephone pole. People go straight onto the one way portion of Chapel st. daily.
    It is a dangerous situation.
    People don't realize Chapel st. is no longer a two way st. at this point.
  • Burst Pipe Archived
    119 Maple Street New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    A foreclosed home has a burst pipe in the upper floor and there is a large amount of ice cascading down 2 floors. We have called CHFA, who we believe owns it, but have seen no response to the issue. This can be seen from the driveway of 119 Maple St.