Penny Bush

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  • 20500-20698 13 Mile Rd Roseville, MI 48066, USA - Roseville
    I agree that the no left hand turn onto westbound 13 Mile from the Home Depot parking lot is needed. However, aside from certain times of the day a left turn is safe as there is very limited traffic.
  • Barkman & 11 Mile - Roseville
    Traffic lights and 'No Turn On Red' laws are being ignored. This is a crossing near a school, bar, and party store. Service drive speeds are excessive. Children are often present.
    GREAT place for radar trap.
  • E 14 Mile Rd Clinton Township, MI 48035, USA - Roseville
    They painted in a left turn lane that should not be there.
    Now people going east are using 2 lanes.
    They took a paved shoulder and made a lane out of it.
  • 31950 Little Mack Ave Roseville, MI 48066, USA - Roseville
    It sure would be nice if the Roseville Public Safety Department would station a couple of unmarked cars in the lot of the defunct Rose Eastin and put the arm on the fools blasting through from westbound Masonic to turn onto southbound Little Mack because they can't be bothered to wait at the traffic light. For grins I sat there on 19Sep and counted 37 cars do this in a 45 minute time span starting at 5:30 am.
  • 696 & Groesbeck Roseville, MI 48066, USA - Roseville
    There are two traffic lights at 696 and Groesbeck. When the first light turns green, the second one over the freeway just a short distance away takes as much as 15 seconds to turn green. This is very dangerous on such a busy road.
  • 19001-19399 Eastland St Roseville, MI 48066, USA - Roseville
  • 14 Mile Rd. Roseville, MI - Roseville
    They made the road even worse
  • 19607 19699 E 14 Mile Rd Clinton, MI 48035, USA - Roseville
    There is a wide shoulder on the East bound side of 14 Mile between Beaconsfield and Gratiot. People don't realize it's the shoulder and not a lane. This has become worse with 14 Mile being closed between Gratiot and Harper. There needs to be a sign that indicates there is no driving on the shoulder.
  • 26501-26699 Groveland St Roseville, MI 48066, USA - Roseville
    Groveland south bound from Wildwood to Bettmarr needs repaving. Groveland runs in along side of Kaiser Elementary school. This road is almost impossible to drive on. Patch work will not work.
  • 27901 Gratiot Avenue Macomb, MI - Roseville

    This is the rear entrance to McDonald's at Gratiot and Martin. I tripped this gap on May 8 and incurred a $256 medical bill which the company and their insurer refuses to pay.

    Reimburse me for this medical bill and please fix this gap.

  • 17884-17998 13 Mile Rd Fraser, MI 48026, USA - Roseville
    This road has been horrible for years. Instead of patching it why cant they redo it all
  • 30920-30998 Alabama St Roseville, MI 48066, USA - Roseville
    Roseville noise ordinance states no deliveries before 6:30 AM. Trucks frequently deliver to Kroger in the early hours of the night, disturbing neighborhood behind.