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  • 2 Common St Belmont - Belmont
    At the intersection of Concord Rd and Common St, there is no clear "right-of-way" and I see accidents almost happen all of the time. Not one of these roads has STOP or YIELD signs, so this intersection seems to bring out the worst in people (especially at rush hour).
  • Gilbert Road Belmont, MA - Belmont
    Gilbert is used as a high-speed bypass from Trapelo to Common (avoiding the light at Cushing Square) at all hours of the day and night. Police presence on Gilbert seems to be limited to visiting friends on game night rather than enforcing traffic laws.
  • 400 Trapelo Road Belmont, MA - Belmont
    Trapelo Road is one of the worst in the Greater Boston area. It's like driving in a 3rd world country. All the town did this Summer was put cold patch on some of the really bad spots and that's since come up. How a town with taxes this high can go a full Summer without paving it's main road is beyond me. Guess they're trying to keep the local mechanics in business because driving around Belmont is sure to ruin your car eventually. What a joke.
  • Intersection Of Mill St And Concord Ave. - Belmont
    When traffic is heavy, cars back up at the regular stop sign to take a left onto Concord Ave. Many drivers are always trying to jump this traffic queue on Mill St by taking this left that's in front of the gas station onto Concord Ave. It's infuriating to see this obnoxious behavior.
  • Grove St & Belmont St Belmont, MA - Belmont
    Drivers making a left from Grove St. followed by an immediate right onto Arlington St. constantly turn left in front of oncoming traffic from Templeton Pkwy, which has green at the same time.
  • Much deeper after the latest freeze.
  • 8 Francis St Belmont, MA 02478, USA - Belmont
    My entire life this street has been riddled with potholes. The town comes by and gives it a quick 2 day patch.
  • you used to be able to avoid the potholes by driving at 40mph, now its just unpassable
  • The stretch between Hammond and Common on Palfrey is nothing but potholes.
  • Elm Street Belmont, MA 02478, USA - Belmont
    Incredible; Drive it for yourself. Better just to remove the asphalt to go back to a gravel road.
  • 1041 Concord Ave Belmont, MA 02478, USA - Belmont
    All of Belmont is just one big