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  • 110 The Esplanade Toronto, ON - Toronto
    The 10 ft wire hoarding @ 18 Market St., & 118 the Esplanade
    impedes snow removal, as exterior construction for this 'fence'
    has long olny exists to accomodate illegal parkiing for the
  • potholes Archived
    Sherbourne toronto, ontario - Toronto

    To “the fixer’

    The new bike paths on Sherbourne are wonderful.

    But the section between Front Street and Lakeshore is dangerous!

    Photos of just some of the many hazards in this short section are attached.

    Last week, one of them jammed my front wheel, stopped it dead, and threw me over the handle bars. I was surprised at the extent of my injuries (deep lacerations on face and limbs, fractured rib, sprained wrists and damaged fingers). Luckily, I was wearing a helmet and traveling quite slowly. I am writing in the hope of saving others from the same fate!

    Peter Ashby

  • 60-70 Richmond Street East Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There is a long'pothole' running right beside the streetcar tracks just east of Berti Street. Dangerous for a motor bike, unpleasant for a car. Can it be filled in? Thanks.
  • 294 Richmond St. East Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    New Garbage Bin is falling forward - North side of Richmond st. just west of Sherbourne. btw this is a terrible design. These things are falling over all across town. who though that one support pillar across from a step pedal was a good idea?
  • 10 Court St Toronto, ON M5C 2G1, Canada - Toronto
  • Wilton Street Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Reported by "Ken" Pedestrians crossing north-south on East side of the Market St./Wilton St. intersection has a piece of old railway track exposed about 4-5 inches vertically. VERY easy to trip on (especially in view of night time darkness--see previous report re streetlights). Recent "war zone" construction in this area was restored, except this particular stretch of rail.
  • 323 Richmond Street East Toronto, ON - Toronto
    there are people using the paths in St James Park for cycling and it is becoming dangerous to walk there. We need NO CYCLING SIGNS PUT UP are childerenb a
  • 255-275 Richmond Street East Toronto, ON M5A 1P2, Canada - Toronto
  • 702-65 Scadding Ave. Toronto, ON - Toronto

    Mr. Lakey: This may be more of an un-Fixer item, but ...

    Toronto Hydro has already spent millions of dollars to replace ground-level metal "handwells" that were giving pets electrical shocks and may have even killed one person and a dog a few years ago.

    About 11,700 plastic handwells costing about $6,000 each are being installed, with about half of that project already completed.

    But there were just eight reports of pets of people getting shocks in 2011. No deaths.

    The latest development is the replacement of concrete sidewalks around the handwells throughout the city to create a slightly smoother surface for pedestrians. (See photo.) Until now, asphalt had been used to surround the new handwells.

    I wonder if you or other Star reporters could report on the rationale and total cost of this effort (including concrete replacement) , which smacks of blatant overreaction to an admitted public safety hazard.

  • 300 Adelaide St E Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Traffic Lights needs to be installed for pedestrians at the intersection of Adelaide and Frederickton.
  • Lower Sherbourne Street Toronto, ON - Toronto
    There is large dip in road which surprise drivers and we hear constant banging of big trucks especially early mornings and during rush hour. Road has sunk for some reason?
  • Bike theft Archived
    75-85 George St Toronto, ON M5A, Canada - Toronto
    I saw this guy stealing a bike at George brown campus.