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  • 171 Front Street East Toronto, ON - Toronto
    This library essentially has no bike parking. There's a derelict stand that is basically useless to one side of the library entrance. There need to be several ring and posts in this area to accommodate cyclists who use this library—and there are many!
  • 18 Lower Jarvis Street Toronto, ON M5E, Canada - Toronto
    Northbound left lane
  • 1 Market Street Toronto ON - Toronto
    Green P parking garage south of St. Lawrence Market. Step out of elevator lobby exit on 2nd, 3rd floor and you are in an active lane of traffic. No protective lines, barricade..etc Great for kids.
  • 517 Richmond Street East Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The west wall of 517 Richmond Street East is defaced with graffiti vandalism at the second floor level
  • The St. Lawrence Centre Front street, Toronto, ON - Toronto
    The St. Lawrence Centre entrance area is a mess. With graffiti on the east end of the building (tags are blue, black and red). the filth and the smell of dog urine around all the posts at the entrance on front street. with this facility being for sale, you'd think the city would show off their assets better
  • 12 Brigden Place Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There is extensive graffiti vandalism throughout the south and east walls of 12(?) Brigden Place
  • 150-164 Front Street East Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There is temporary parking lot at 154 Front St East (the old Greyhound site). It is a MESS and has no curbs or fencing and cars are constantly blocking sidewalks on Front Street East. (They received permission from Committee of Adjustment for a temporary lot with 99 cars - they squeeze in FAR more!)
  • Wilton Street Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Making a separate report for streetlights out on Wilton Street between Lower Jarvis & Market Streets. According to "Ken" nthey have been out for many months.
  • 159 Frederick St Toronto, ON - Toronto
    the Target Parking lot at 154 Front Street sent in their snow removal truck at 5:22am this morning. i have a picture of them clanging around the lot, backing up with the loud back up beeper and generally waking up the neighborhood. the bylaws state that work can start at 7:00am. they did this another time at 6:00am with no regard for the people in the neighborhood especially those at 159 Frederick st. How can this company be stopped from doing this work at a prohibitive time period and disturbing people.
  • Lower Sherbourne At Front To Esplanade Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There is no proper sidewalk on the east side of Lower Sherbourne between Front St. and The Esplanade. With development in all directions and increased pedestrian traffic perhaps pedestrians should be warned to avoid walking in this potentially hazardous stretch.
  • 703 -115 The Esplanade Toronto, Ontario - Toronto

    The Fixer
    Toronto Star

    March 11, 2014

    I live at corner of Market St and the Esplanade. I am writing with the drone of the street being once again dug up.

    This has been going on for years now. The sidewalk and street are dug up and sewer pipes are put in the ground. Then a few months later, the sidewalk and street are dug up and phone lines are put in. The street and side walk are sometimes paved in between, although the North side of the Esplanade running west toward Scott St were dug up in the fall, and are still not filled in. The bus shelter has been missing all winter.

    Now, this morning they are digging up the South side of the street, while the North side lays exposed. The workers tell us they are putting in fibber optic cables. If these fibber optics were of some benefit to those of us who have to endure the noise and the fine dust particles once again, we wouldn't be so upset.

    We get the inconvenience, someone else gets the benefit.

    I would ask the Fixer to see if they could at least fill in one side of the street before they tear up the other. We worry that once dug up, the south side of the street will be left gaping open as well.

    Also who do we pressure the ensure the planning department actually plans far enough ahead so that all these pipes and be laid at the SAME TIME.

    Thank you,

    Kim Levis
    703-115 the Esplanade
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5E 1Y7

  • 137 Lower Jarvis Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Last winter the City had to replace a water pipe on Lower Jarvis, EAST side. They dug two holes in the road. One has been properly repaired quite recently, the other (immediately south of it) at 137 Lower Jarvis has not been fixed properly. Can someone at least level it off and add it to the "utility cut' repair list? There is also an area at St Lawrence Market on the west side, it too needs proper repair.