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St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Assn

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  • 330 King Street East Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Covers for sidewalk tree planters are elevated creating a tripping hazard and constraining the space available for pedestrians.
  • 121 Scadding Avenue Toronto, ON - Toronto
    SE corner of Esplanade at Princess - and 4 lampposts in - a couple of the streetlamps have burnt out and not been replaced. Visibility important for safety at 4 way stop for drivers/pedestrians, cyclists, kids. Please fix.
  • 2 Market St. / Wilton St. Interesection Toronto, ON - Toronto
    After years of being buried under asphalt, the two disconnected rails running at an angle across Wilton St. / Market St. intersection, they have emerged into a walking hazard right at the north-south pedestrian crossing and protrude to a height of about six inches. This is a hazard to pedestrians, especially since Toronto Hydro has yet to re-light the street lamps on Wilton St.
  • 120-134 Adelaide St E Toronto, ON M5C 1L7, Canada - Toronto
    north end of st james park
  • The Esplanade toronto, ont - Toronto
    the outside of the st Lawrence community centre is an eyesore.
    There are weeds growing out of the sidewalk accumulations of garbage
    see photos attached
  • street lights Archived
    Wilton St./Lower Jarvis St. Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Three weeks or so, I called 3-1-1 and told them there were no streetlights working in the neighbourhood. The operator connected me with Toronto Hydro, who took all the particulars, accessed a map of some kind that told her exactly where the streetlights were, to which I acknowledged, since I can see them from my windows.
    It is still very dark out there, especially when Shoppers is closed and their exterior sign is shut off.
    V-e-r-y dark there now, even The Esplanade has one of the two lights burned out.
  • Lower Jarvis Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    A fire hydrant is leaking at the Gardiner on-ramp southbound Lower Jarvis. The water is cascading down the curb and onto the road.
  • 120 Parliament Street Toronto, ON M5A 2Y9, Canada - Toronto
    It's right in front of the stop line in the middle of the lane.
  • 2 Church Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There's a manhole cover in front of 2 Church St (south of The Esplanade) that's so rusted nearly half of it is missing. This presents a hazard to cyclists and pedestrians.
  • 135 Jarvis Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The blue-painted building on the corner of Jarvis St and Richmond St E (possibly part of 141 Queen St E?) is defaced with graffiti vandalism
  • Jarvis Street & Lower Jarvis Street & Lake Shore Boulevard East & Gardiner Expressway Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There's a traffic light to control the flow of vehicles from SB Lower Jarvis onto the WB Gardiner Expressway to provide a signalized crossing for pedestrians. However drivers routinely ignore this light, especially during rush hours, putting pedestrians at risk. Greater enforcement and greater visibility of this light is needed to alert drivers.
  • 115 The Esplanade Toronto, ON - Toronto

    It must be a year now since our nice new glass bus shelter was removed for construction. Since the construction finished, I have sent three emails to 311 & have been told I would hear from Furniture, I think it's called. Still waiting for a response & our Bus Shelter, especially since Winter is upon us. We have a lot of seniors in this area & having the Bus Shelter reinstalled would be appreciated. It's on The Esplanade at Market St. on the Nth side.

    I am disappointed in the response. The fact that we have gone so long without a shelter & must continue to do so through the Winter is not acceptable. It can't be that much of an expense to erect something temporary for us!!!