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  • 206-230 Front St E Toronto, ON - Toronto
    On Front East between Jarvis and Parliament is a travesty of crumbling pavement. Various patches, cracks and potholes create a veritable obstacle course for any cyclist travelling down this stretch of road. It is dangerous because wheels can get stuck, it forces you further out into traffic (thus slowing down the flow of vehicles travelling in the curb side lane), and forces you to stare at the pavement to avoid falling instead of watching the traffic around you.
  • 41 Jarvis Street Toronto, ON - Toronto

    In November a "Victorian" streetlight outside 41 Jarvis was knocked over or fell. It should be replaced,


  • Wilton Street Toronto, ON - Toronto
    with no lights the street is dangerous for pedestrians crossing the street at night.
  • 83 Henry Lane Terrace Toronto, ON - Toronto
    recent road patching near the curb just west of the drain in front of 83-85 Henry Lane Terrace has blocked the flow of water to the drain, resulting in pooling. Several residents in this area use wheelchairs and the pooling extends up the ramp from the street to the sidewalk.
  • Lane markings Archived
    2-14 Victoria St Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Victoria is one-way northbound at King. There are two lanes and, by habit, people going straight or turning left tend to stay right, blocking the majority of drivers who are turning right. Solution: Painted lane markings indicating that the right lane is for right turns, and the left lane is for left turns and through traffic.
  • 109 George Street South Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Several min9or (but growing) potholes on George Street S at Jenoves Place.
  • Other Archived
    126 The Esplanade Toronto, ON M5E 1C2, Canada - Toronto
    Pedestrian signal on NW corner turned to wrong direction
  • 33 Yonge St Toronto, ON M5E 1X6, Canada - Toronto
    berczy psrk fountain graffiti
  • Lower Jarvis Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    A fire hydrant is leaking at the Gardiner on-ramp southbound Lower Jarvis. The water is cascading down the curb and onto the road.
  • 135 Jarvis Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The blue-painted building on the corner of Jarvis St and Richmond St E (possibly part of 141 Queen St E?) is defaced with graffiti vandalism
  • 130-136 Lower Sherbourne Street Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Sherbourne Street from King south to The Esplanade is in deplorable condition - both sides of the street: it is one long pothole! This creates unsafe conditions for cyclists. Based on previous court cases the city would be at least partially liable for damages caused by these dangerous conditions.
  • 330 King Street East Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Covers for sidewalk tree planters are elevated creating a tripping hazard and constraining the space available for pedestrians.