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St Lawrence Neighbourhood Assn

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  • 121 Scadding Avenue Toronto, ON - Toronto
    SE corner of Esplanade at Princess - and 4 lampposts in - a couple of the streetlamps have burnt out and not been replaced. Visibility important for safety at 4 way stop for drivers/pedestrians, cyclists, kids. Please fix.
  • 41 Jarvis Street Toronto, ON - Toronto

    In November a "Victorian" streetlight outside 41 Jarvis was knocked over or fell. It should be replaced,


  • 135 Jarvis Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The blue-painted building on the corner of Jarvis St and Richmond St E (possibly part of 141 Queen St E?) is defaced with graffiti vandalism
  • 294 Richmond Street East Toronto, ON M5A 1P5, Canada - Toronto
    Garbage bin destroyed.
  • Other Archived
    126 The Esplanade Toronto, ON M5E 1C2, Canada - Toronto
    Pedestrian signal on NW corner turned to wrong direction
  • Wilton Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The temporary location of the North Market was opened in June bringing with it more pedestrian traffic to lower Market Street, the Esplanade, and Wilton Street. I feel that the city should reconsider keeping Wilton Street a 2-way street. Drivers travelling west on Wilton often drive far too fast, and the presence of the Market building (tent) has made it very difficult for drivers to see pedestrians at the corner of Wilton & Market Streets. I feel that this is an accident waiting to happen. It is my suggestion that whilst the temporary market is located here, traffic on Wilton Street only travel East from Market to Jarvis.
    Another consideration is to permanently close Wilton Street, as it greatly adds to congestion in the area. When the north market has been completed the land where the temporary market is located will become a park, and more traffic is not in keeping with this redevelopment.
  • 109 George Street South Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Several min9or (but growing) potholes on George Street S at Jenoves Place.
  • 330 King Street East Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Covers for sidewalk tree planters are elevated creating a tripping hazard and constraining the space available for pedestrians.
  • 2 Market St. / Wilton St. Interesection Toronto, ON - Toronto
    After years of being buried under asphalt, the two disconnected rails running at an angle across Wilton St. / Market St. intersection, they have emerged into a walking hazard right at the north-south pedestrian crossing and protrude to a height of about six inches. This is a hazard to pedestrians, especially since Toronto Hydro has yet to re-light the street lamps on Wilton St.
  • 53-85 George St S Toronto, ON M5A, Canada - Toronto

    Drinking tap at the wading pool stuck open and runs all the time

    Please repair the push button valve.

  • 294 Richmond St. East Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    New Garbage Bin is falling forward - North side of Richmond st. just west of Sherbourne. btw this is a terrible design. These things are falling over all across town. who though that one support pillar across from a step pedal was a good idea?
  • 114-134 King St E Toronto, ON M5C 1G6, Canada - Toronto
    A park light needs replacing in St James Park, the South West path, close to King St