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St Lawrence Neighbourhood Assn

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  • 2 Church Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There's a manhole cover in front of 2 Church St (south of The Esplanade) that's so rusted nearly half of it is missing. This presents a hazard to cyclists and pedestrians.
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  • 33 Yonge St Toronto, ON M5E 1X6, Canada - Toronto
    berczy psrk fountain graffiti
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  • 120 Parliament Street Toronto, ON M5A 2Y9, Canada - Toronto
    It's right in front of the stop line in the middle of the lane.
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  • Lower Jarvis Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    A fire hydrant is leaking at the Gardiner on-ramp southbound Lower Jarvis. The water is cascading down the curb and onto the road.
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  • 135 Jarvis Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The blue-painted building on the corner of Jarvis St and Richmond St E (possibly part of 141 Queen St E?) is defaced with graffiti vandalism
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  • 330 King Street East Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Covers for sidewalk tree planters are elevated creating a tripping hazard and constraining the space available for pedestrians.
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  • The Esplanade toronto, ont - Toronto
    the outside of the st Lawrence community centre is an eyesore.
    There are weeds growing out of the sidewalk accumulations of garbage
    see photos attached
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  • 53-85 George St S Toronto, ON M5A, Canada - Toronto

    Drinking tap at the wading pool stuck open and runs all the time

    Please repair the push button valve.

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  • 294 Richmond St. East Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    New Garbage Bin is falling forward - North side of Richmond st. just west of Sherbourne. btw this is a terrible design. These things are falling over all across town. who though that one support pillar across from a step pedal was a good idea?
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  • 114-134 King St E Toronto, ON M5C 1G6, Canada - Toronto
    A park light needs replacing in St James Park, the South West path, close to King St
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  • 323 Richmond Street East Toronto, ON - Toronto
    there are people using the paths in St James Park for cycling and it is becoming dangerous to walk there. We need NO CYCLING SIGNS PUT UP are childerenb a
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  • 38 The Esplanade Toronto, ON - Toronto
    The parking lot for 38 The Esplanade in Toronto is accessed off Scott Street. There are flashing lights to advise pedestrians walking by that a car(s) is about to exit onto the street. (Pedestrians otherwise cannot readily see the cars exiting the lot.) Unfortunately, the condo or someone has decided to plant flowers on either side of the parking lot entrance/exit and as a result the flashing warning lights for pedestrians cannot be seen. The lights are blocked out by the flowers. Apart from the odd time an attendant is on duty, this is an accident(s) waiting to happen.
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