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  • 33 Sherbourne Street Toronto, ON M5A 2P5, Canada - Toronto
    Sidewalk blocked by retailer's chairs on display. And really, are we only able to report graffiti via this app?? There are hundreds of other uses that will save the city money/human resources by expanding the use of SCF. Also, it would be great to have an update from the city staff (e.g. "retailer advised of by-law", etc.) instead of just a closed status, that doesn't tell anyone anything.
  • 109 Front St East Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Several bike posts on the south side of Front St East between Jarvis and George have been knocked over. They need to be replaced, soon!
  • The Esplanade Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There was 18 months of disruption. But the job was poorly done, not finished. Already new concrete is being patched with asphalt. The new old town light fixtures are missing over a large stretch, because they are all breaking on Front due to bad design, there are none left. The big planters are full of weeks, not plants. The new concrete bollards are a joke. At least two I know of have fallen over and been removed near Jarvis. If you look at most of them, they are cracked near the bases. Streets were patched, not paved. New tree wells filling with cigarette butts. Does nobody care in Toronto?
  • 294 Richmond Street East Toronto, ON M5A 1P5, Canada - Toronto
    Garbage bin destroyed.
  • Wilton Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The temporary location of the North Market was opened in June bringing with it more pedestrian traffic to lower Market Street, the Esplanade, and Wilton Street. I feel that the city should reconsider keeping Wilton Street a 2-way street. Drivers travelling west on Wilton often drive far too fast, and the presence of the Market building (tent) has made it very difficult for drivers to see pedestrians at the corner of Wilton & Market Streets. I feel that this is an accident waiting to happen. It is my suggestion that whilst the temporary market is located here, traffic on Wilton Street only travel East from Market to Jarvis.
    Another consideration is to permanently close Wilton Street, as it greatly adds to congestion in the area. When the north market has been completed the land where the temporary market is located will become a park, and more traffic is not in keeping with this redevelopment.
  • 125 Scadding Avenue Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The ByLaw notices on the Basketball Court between Esplanade & Scadding Ave, west of Berkeley are obviously inadequate. Youth are there at all times in the night. We need much larger signs stating "NO BASKET BALL BETWEEN 10.00PM AND 7.00AM. Residents in Windmill Line Co-op are frequently disturbed throughout the night.
  • 3 Market Street (Market And The Esplanade) Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There are very nice brick crosswalks on The Esplanade. Some, including this one, have loose bricks. When it rains they are particularly dangerous.
  • The Esplanade At Church Street (South Side) Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There are very nice brick crosswalks on The Esplanade. Some, including this one on SOUTH side of The Esplanade at Church Street , have loose bricks. When it rains they are particularly dangerous.
  • 120 Taylor'S Wharf Lane Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Taylor's Wharf Lane is ONE-WAY going east. If one is going north on JENOVES PLACE you reach Taylors Wharf lane BUT there is no arrow showing it is one-way. There used to be an arrow on a pole, the pole is still there but the arrow isn't....
  • 296 King St E Toronto, ON M5A 1K4, Canada - Toronto
    This business has put a large pink chair out front of their business. The sidewalk is not wide and lots of people go by pushing strollers and using wheelchairs. Also there are a lot of pedestrians. It is difficult to get by.
  • 132 Lower Sherbourne Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Bike has been here for several months
  • 34 King St E Toronto, ON M5C, Canada - Toronto
    This stop has been closed for several months but the shelter is still there and people do not notice the small sign inside the shelter and often are confused when the streetcars do not stop.