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  • 323 Richmond Street East Toronto, ON - Toronto
    there are people using the paths in St James Park for cycling and it is becoming dangerous to walk there. We need NO CYCLING SIGNS PUT UP are childerenb a
  • 38 The Esplanade Toronto, ON - Toronto
    The parking lot for 38 The Esplanade in Toronto is accessed off Scott Street. There are flashing lights to advise pedestrians walking by that a car(s) is about to exit onto the street. (Pedestrians otherwise cannot readily see the cars exiting the lot.) Unfortunately, the condo or someone has decided to plant flowers on either side of the parking lot entrance/exit and as a result the flashing warning lights for pedestrians cannot be seen. The lights are blocked out by the flowers. Apart from the odd time an attendant is on duty, this is an accident(s) waiting to happen.
  • cloud gardens Archived
    10 King St W Toronto, ON M5H 1A1, Canada - Toronto
  • 168 King St East #1105 Toronto, ON - Toronto
    The walkways in Market Lane at the St Lawrence market are broken and heaving. We just saw an elderly man take a terrible crash and have to be helped by three frantic people. Is this an old complaint? Is there any chance of the City resurfacing this popular area? We have tourists and folks from all over the city coming here to shop all year round.
  • Lane markings Archived
    The Esplanade Toronto, ON - Toronto
    If one drives west on The Esplanade, especially approaching Jarvis st, one must drive on the yellow line marking the middle of the road because of legally parked vehicles on the north side of the street.
    The problem is exacerbated since the yellow line on the same street east of Jarvis is not in line with the marking on the east side of Jarvis.
    This could be easily remedied but painting the line in the middle of the available roadway, having two lanes of equal width.
    There are roads likes this, e.g. St John's Rd in the west end, and many others, where one of the lanes is taken by parked cars leaving only about four feet of radway, whilst the other side has ample room, so that on one side traffic must straddle the yellow line.
  • St Lawrence Hall Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Just wanted to say thanks for solving that problem with the cupolas still being covered well after the building had been renovated. Don't know who you called, but the covers are off and they look gorgeous - all shiney and new ! Thanks, again.
  • 126 The Esplanade Toronto, ON - Toronto
    The corner of Market St and the Esplanade is under construction for sewers. Aquatech has a truch-like structure on the corner in such as way as pedestrians and cars can not see each other at the corner. I saw a man in a motorized wheel car almost get hit yesterday because the driver could not see him coming. The driver was not a reckless driver, he just couldn't see him. The is a corner with many parents with children in strollers, and many older adults in walkers, canes, or mortorized wheel chairs. Something should be done to ensure no one gets hit. Aquatech's phone number on the sign is 905-907-1700.
  • Lower Sherbourne Street Toronto, ON - Toronto
    There is large dip in road which surprise drivers and we hear constant banging of big trucks especially early mornings and during rush hour. Road has sunk for some reason?
  • 300 Adelaide St E Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Traffic Lights needs to be installed for pedestrians at the intersection of Adelaide and Frederickton.
  • 702-65 Scadding Ave. Toronto, ON - Toronto

    Mr. Lakey: This may be more of an un-Fixer item, but ...

    Toronto Hydro has already spent millions of dollars to replace ground-level metal "handwells" that were giving pets electrical shocks and may have even killed one person and a dog a few years ago.

    About 11,700 plastic handwells costing about $6,000 each are being installed, with about half of that project already completed.

    But there were just eight reports of pets of people getting shocks in 2011. No deaths.

    The latest development is the replacement of concrete sidewalks around the handwells throughout the city to create a slightly smoother surface for pedestrians. (See photo.) Until now, asphalt had been used to surround the new handwells.

    I wonder if you or other Star reporters could report on the rationale and total cost of this effort (including concrete replacement) , which smacks of blatant overreaction to an admitted public safety hazard.

  • Wilton Street Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Reported by "Ken" Pedestrians crossing north-south on East side of the Market St./Wilton St. intersection has a piece of old railway track exposed about 4-5 inches vertically. VERY easy to trip on (especially in view of night time darkness--see previous report re streetlights). Recent "war zone" construction in this area was restored, except this particular stretch of rail.
  • 110 The Esplanade Toronto, ON - Toronto
    The 10 ft wire hoarding @ 18 Market St., & 118 the Esplanade
    impedes snow removal, as exterior construction for this 'fence'
    has long olny exists to accomodate illegal parkiing for the