Town of Hillsborough Department of Public Works PLUS

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Department of Public Works
Town of Hillsborough
1600 Floribunda Ave
Hillsborough, Ca 94010

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  • Litter Archived
    Salmark Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough
    The house on the corner of Salmark & Parrott has never been occupied in the 18 years we've lived in Hillsborough. The weeds are now over two feet high and very dry. I'm worried about fire.
  • 85 Woodridge Rd Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough
    A fallen tree branch is blocking the street. This image from google maps (with the white box) shows where the tree branch has fallen.
  • 730 Bowhill Road Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough

    Within the last few weeks, a neighbor has installed two wire cages containing large parrots in his backyard. These birds are very loud with non-stop squawking several times per day that can be heard inside our house.

    Is there a permit required and/or how do we report the noise nuisance?

    The address is 718 El Cerrito which the backyard on Bowhill.

  • Storm Drain Archived
    1952 Forest View Avenue Hillsborough, CA 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    manhole cover is off
  • 2104-2120 Forest View Ave Hillsborough, CA 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    The asphalt is cracked raised and broken. Causes car to bottom out. Low profile performance tires hit hard. Almost popped. Problem is About 100 feet up around bend just past Oakes. Problem is street is narrow and house on right foliage is overgrown so come at this with tires straight at bump. Acts almost like speed bump. Painted orange.
  • 4 Glenbrook Drive Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough
    The culvert at the intersection of Glenbrook Drive and Parrott is blocked, both under Glenbrook and further downhill. The overflow from the uphill drain and blocked culvert crosses over Glenbrook to the downhill drain. Since that is also blocked it overflows and has eroded the gutter on the West side of Parrott heading down hill from Glenbrook. At the next big rain, this will start eroding the roadbed on the W. side of Parrott along the property line of 4 Glenbrook (corner property) above the driveway for 980 Parrott.
  • 765 Tournament Dr Hillsborough, CA - Hillsborough
    Damage to road on Tournament Drive,
  • Sign Broken Archived
    651-731 El Cerrito Ave Hillsborough, CA 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    Recology truck accidentally knocked over sign which indicates approaching stop sign.
  • Dead Tree Archived
    718 El Cerrito Hillsborough, CA - Hillsborough
    I will second the concern previously posted re: a Monterey Pine on the rear of the property of 718 El Cerrito. Last winter a large branch fell from this dead tree, which probably has a beetle disease, onto Bowhill Road. It is a danger to motorists and school children or those out for a stroll. We think the homeowner should have it cut down before someone is hurt. Thank you.
  • 1600 Floribunda Ave Hillsborough, CA 94010, USA - Hillsborough
  • 101 Reservoir Hillsborough, CA 94010 - Hillsborough
    A cleanout on the main sewer main has spilled sewage for years and is flowing strong all summer. This on an easement between the back of 101 Reservoir and 75? Endfield. Sewage odor is noticeable and spillage visible.
  • Other Archived
    444 Roblar Avenue Hillsborough, CA 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    Island is overgrown with weeds