Town of Hillsborough Department of Public Works PLUS

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Test site
Department of Public Works
Town of Hillsborough
1600 Floribunda Ave
Hillsborough, Ca 94010

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  • Storm Drain Archived
    101-131 Stonehedge Rd Hillsborough, CA 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    Broken curb
  • 101 Reservoir Hillsborough, CA 94010 - Hillsborough
    A cleanout on the main sewer main has spilled sewage for years and is flowing strong all summer. This on an easement between the back of 101 Reservoir and 75? Endfield. Sewage odor is noticeable and spillage visible.
  • Storm Drain Archived
    El Cerrito Between Crystal Springs And Sierra Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough
    in the storm drain repair, you have now installed chain link fencing on the INSIDE of the new concrete siding, making the roadway/shoulders even narrower for walkers than they were before. This is a winding road with blind turns...and lots of families/kids walking to Aragon HS, Crystal Springs Uplands and South Elementary. The kids are terrified on that road, the construction COULD have provided sidewalks, but now with the new fences is making the situation worse and less safe than ever. Please reconsider the fence placement--we need sidewalks in South Hillsborough
  • Pothole Archived
    934 Baileyana Road Hillsborough, CA 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    Sinkhole developing on sidewalk, under curb, extending to street
  • 730 Bowhill Road Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough

    Within the last few weeks, a neighbor has installed two wire cages containing large parrots in his backyard. These birds are very loud with non-stop squawking several times per day that can be heard inside our house.

    Is there a permit required and/or how do we report the noise nuisance?

    The address is 718 El Cerrito which the backyard on Bowhill.

  • Pothole Archived
    303 Robinwood Ln Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough
    There is a large and expanding pothole near my next-door neighbor's drive way (305 Robinwood Ln). I live at 303 Robinwood, but find myself having to veer around the pothole regularly.
  • 146 Tobin Clark Drive Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough
    Three (3) thru-curb drains possesses a tripping hazard and it does not appear to be installed per Town Standard; Repairs have not been completed for a least 2 years; drain adjacent to the porto-potty and one next to the fire hydrant simply have random 2"x4" wood/plywood laid atop and one with simply cutback does not address any tripping concerns; additionally, the porto-potty located on the parking strip in the public right-of-way exposes an uncomfortable smell and there's evidence of some sort of stain immediately in front on the parking strip before the edge of curb.
  • Sign Broken Archived
    6247-6599 Skyline Boulevard Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough
    There's a blinking sign that warns about a stop sign around the corner. It's not exactly broken, it's just a tad bright and momentarily means that a driver can't see anything else in the roadway except for blinding LED bulbs. During the day, great. It means people won't miss the stop sign hidden around the corner at Summit Dr. During the night, it's like having an oncoming raised truck with XID xenon bulbs melting your face off. Please consider rotating to not face the road/not using directional LEDs/installing a warning sign about the warning sign.
  • Storm Drain Archived
    1952 Forest View Avenue Hillsborough, CA 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    manhole cover is off
  • Storm Drain Archived
    37-71 Mc Creery Dr Hillsborough, CA 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    Water leaking extensively
  • Pothole Archived
    Crystal Springs And Stonehenge Hillsborough, CA 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    Very rough area at corner--extends across most of street.
  • 4 Glenbrook Drive Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough
    The culvert at the intersection of Glenbrook Drive and Parrott is blocked, both under Glenbrook and further downhill. The overflow from the uphill drain and blocked culvert crosses over Glenbrook to the downhill drain. Since that is also blocked it overflows and has eroded the gutter on the West side of Parrott heading down hill from Glenbrook. At the next big rain, this will start eroding the roadbed on the W. side of Parrott along the property line of 4 Glenbrook (corner property) above the driveway for 980 Parrott.