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Department of Public Works
Town of Hillsborough
1600 Floribunda Ave
Hillsborough, Ca 94010

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  • Tree Branch Archived
    10 Lupine Way Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough
    Trees have fallen on the west end of this residence with portions of trees blocking our driveway. The residents have not been home since mid-December and we have no contact information for them. The police have tried to reach them at the only phone number they have been provided, but have not been able to reach anyone. We are concerned about the possible fire hazard associated with these trees drying out over the last few weeks and possibly quite longer depending on when the residents return home.
  • Sign Broken Archived
    410-420 Darrell Rd Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough
    Speed Limit sign that looks to be shorter than regulation height. Should probably be replaced since a few work trucks have side swiped the sign and post.
  • 762-798 Crystal Springs Rd Burlingame, California - Hillsborough
    Dead limbs could become traffic hazard
  • 700 Bowhill Rd Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough
    Another dangerous dead pine tree. This one is hidden uphill from El Cerrito slightly north of Bowhill. The picture was taking facing the direction of the bridge at the bottom of Bowhill.
  • 2116 Broadway Burlingame, California - Hillsborough
    Brick Wall at a dead end street next to a elementary school has a huge hole of brick missing with large cracks. The wall looks ready for fall down.
  • 1560 Hayne Road Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough
    The NW side of Hayne (between Barbara and Darrell) and NE side of Barbara street next to W school get completely blocked by parked cars in the morning, such that pedestrians have to use the streets. Could you please mark the sidewalks as no parking zones? The issue poses a critical hazard to pedestrians having to walk in high traffic on the two streets. Thank you.
  • Pothole Archived
    Crystal Springs And Stonehenge Hillsborough, CA 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    Very rough area at corner--extends across most of street.
  • 1320 La Honda Hillsborough, CA - Hillsborough
    Testing can you hear me now.
    Note. We have a few unresolved items to complete and /or to respond to...
  • Storm Drain Archived
    101-131 Stonehedge Rd Hillsborough, CA 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    Broken curb
  • Test test Archived
    1320 La Honda Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough
    please add this item to the agenda
  • Test 3 Archived
    1600 Floribunda Ave Hillsborough, California - Hillsborough
  • 2104-2120 Forest View Ave Hillsborough, CA 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    The asphalt is cracked raised and broken. Causes car to bottom out. Low profile performance tires hit hard. Almost popped. Problem is About 100 feet up around bend just past Oakes. Problem is street is narrow and house on right foliage is overgrown so come at this with tires straight at bump. Acts almost like speed bump. Painted orange.