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  • Highway Archived
    1020 Worcester Road Framingham, MA 01701, United States of America - Framingham
    There are years of trash accumulating along Rt 9 around the underpass across from FSU. Rt is the face of Framingham-- this is what we look like for thousands of people who drive through our community daily. Can we get the section between Pleasant and Temple (the underpass area is the worst) cleaned up?
  • Elm Steet Framingham, MA - Framingham
    Ive posted about this before and clearly no one sees an issue with this since no police detail this stretch of road. Constant speeding way over the 30mph and more importantly the 20mph when schools are getting out. It's like I'm in the fast lane on 128 over here. I've called and left message at the police station and no one ever gets back to me. I'd like to know WHY the police don't patrol for speeders around the street and particularly Framingham especially with all the horrible accidents of late. It's scary that one of these kids could get killed by speeders and worse speeders who are texting too.
  • 2 Hemlock Ln Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    Saturday morning (Dec. 14) I found a big town owned tree (which has died for a long time) out side my back yard fell down and leaned on electric wires that go to my neighbor. One piece of the tree hit my fence and damaged it.
    I called Framingham Public Works. A staff asked me to call Eversource. The latter said they will send field team. So far (Monday morning), the tree is still leaning on the wires.
  • Main Street Framingham, MA - Framingham
    What is going on with the Main St road by the ambulances to after the rotary? The road is undriveable. I've gone 15mph on this road so my car doesn't bang and scrape off the ground or get a flat tire because the patch work is so bad on this stretch of road. I'm surprised no one has complained. Try driving 15mph in this town....its impossible without getting high beamed, honked at, sworn at and given the finger to.
    My first time driving down the road my frame smacked off the road hard causing damage because there are no signs warning of gaping holes in the ground or cones to warn you. Especially at night you can't see it until you hit it. No other roads in Framingham have been this bad. I don't know who is doing the shotty patchwork on the road here but it's unacceptable. For the road to be like this for an one day is deplorable but for it to go on like this for months and months is unthinkable!
  • 2 Fieldstone Way Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    I am writing to find out who is responsible for insuring that crossing lights in Framingham actually function. I have lived in Northside Meadows for 2 years and, although numerous calls have been made to the Mayor’s office and several other City of Framingham offices, the light at the corner of Fieldstone Way and Pleasant Street have never worked. Thankfully someone has finally seen to it that they are functioning, at least ¾ of the lights. The flashing light on the corner (heading north) of Pleasant Street at the intersection of Fieldstone still does not work. Who can I address this concern to?
  • The town of Framingham's roads are among the WORST in the greater boston region! They are doing road destruction, I mean construction, everywhere further impacting their already poor streets!
  • 445 Concord St. Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Dear Framinghtom Police Staff
    My name is Ernesto, and this is what happened to me today. After a long day of trying to go from Boston to Framingham, this guy that was offering a bike for sale through Facebook Marketplace was cheating from my perception. I contacted him on Thursday since this moment we kept in contact. On Friday we agreed to meet today, Saturday 21st. in Fram. I explained that I had to figure how to get there cause I am new in Boston. Due to a delay in the Orange Line T, I missed the Commuter rail to Fram. I contacted him and explained the situation. He seemed to be very kind, and told me to come over. When I got in Fram. he sent a message saying that it looked like I was not going to Fram. and he was leaving with his family far from home. I told him that I was just arriving to Fram. and I sent picture as a proof. He apologized first because he thought I was cheating. I explained to every situation I had to get there and asked How could he do that to me? He asked for my number and called to apologize becuase he has sold the bike 10 minutes before I got off the train. I was so disappointed and explained to him that I had only a few weeks in Boston, came from Panama to attend my graduate program and how could he do that to me. I was so surprised because we kept communicating all the time. He said that he had nothing to do and apologized by offering another bike he had, but this other bike was not the same style than that of the one I was looking for. Nothing else to do, I seated in the Miranda Bread, a small coffee store in front of the Comm. rail station. While I was waiting for the next commuter back to Boston, I looked for more bikes for sale nearby, of course i didn't want to go there just for nothing. Surprisingly I found more bikes nearby, most of them were offered by the same guy and also posted within the last few months. I realized that this guy could be either stealing bikes or intentionally buying stolen bikes. I then thought that thank God I didn't meet this guy and buy his bike. However I do think that is this guy is involved in this business, there should be something that the police can do. The 445 Concord Street is the address he gave to me to go for the bike.
    My e-mail is
  • Highway Archived
    684 Central Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham

    The noise coming from Masspike is horrible and getting louder with time. There is a constant loud roaring noise coming from highway which could be heard all around neighborhood surrounding central street, including indian head road and beyond. It is affecting the quality of sleep of residents, and we are unable to enjoy outdoor activities. The simpson park can not be enjoyed because of noise pollution, and there is no peace and quiet in the near by cemetery. The DOT does not even acknowledge there is an issue. The Town must take this issue with DOT, so at least we are on the list for DOT high way noise barrier program for future construction. This is a serious issue which is destroying the peace and tranquility of Framingham residential neighborhoods. I hope the Town will start an initiative to resolve this very important problem.


    Khayam Shaukat

  • Torrey St Fr - Framingham
    There are some very sketchy people on Torrey st in Framingham hanging around the dumpster. I never see any Police drive around here.
  • 317 Hollis St Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    I am a resident of Memorial House (317 Hollis St. Framingham). I am submitting this request as there has been an ongoing issue with many of the residents in my building not following the proper COVID safety protocols. Many of the residents ignore the signs and notices posted by the housing authority about wearing masks and avoiding gatherings in public areas. It has continued to cause me to feel unsafe when leaving my apartment. I have a disability and am high risk. Many of the residents gather in the evening time without wearing masks in the common areas that I need to walk by whenever I leave the building.
  • 78 Johnson Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    I have been notified that two additional street lights are going to be installed along the footpath from Johnson Street to Framingham High School. Gee we residents asked for a street light 20 years ago when there were continuous issues with crime, youth and the path at night!!! Didn't happen.. Now a crime appears to have taken place during the daytime and during school hours - town reaction: put in lights. These light would not have prevented the crime. I would suggest that the two resource officers at the high school get out of the building and walk through the woods at random times throughout the day. I walk those woods daily - usually during school hours. Four out of five weekdays I meet youth in the woods. Why aren't they in school? Sometimes it's two or three and other times it is as many as ten or twelve young people just hanging out and leaving their litter behind when they leave. Maybe the school needs to review their attendance policies so that they know where students are. Maybe transparency needs to be a top priority. The public has a right to know what is going on within the school buildings. The Superintendent can sugar coat the additional police official at the schools all he wants. But the public knows its not about forming good relationships with the police - it's about behavior.
    Yes this is school property. It is wonderful when I see classes with their instructors in the woods doing various educational projects. Please teachers - keep up that good work. Our young people need to know that these environmental areas are wonderful, peaceful and full of many natural wonders to be enjoyed by all.
  • Concord Street And Rte.9 Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
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