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  • 775 Winter St Framingham, MA - Framingham
    The lights at the intersection of Winter and Waverly, and over the CSX bridge at Winter and Fountain are timed such that there is ridiculous traffic at rush-hour (and otherwise) at both intersections. Traffic on Waverly sometimes backs up to the next light to the East (.5 mile). The bridge work on the Fountain St. Bridge closer to Framingham Center is causing increased volume at these lights. Something needs to be done about this ridiculous traffic problem but I don't know who to contact on it.
  • 3 Beaver Park Road Unit 6 Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    There was a fire in my apartment building a month ago and the firefighters had to break down my 2nd exit door to gain access to the apartment, this caused the lock on the door to break, it has been 29 days and I have been left to sleep in an unsecured unit with my six year old daughter, there are homeless people are framingham that come into that building to sleep at night because it is not secured. Me and my daughter are at risk everynight. My second complaint in regards to this particular unit is that it is constantly damp, my floors are always covered in a layer of dampness, it is now causing the floors to detach from its base in multiple rooms of the unit. My last complaint regarding this is unit is the bugs. I have centipedes constantly crawling on my walls sinks and showers, normally I would complain about a bug or two but this is excessive. I have to check my sheets before getting in bed to make sure they arent hiding in my bed, I have to check my shower before getting in and I have to tip toe around my unit at night praying that I am not walking all over them, this causes me severe anxiety and stress.
  • Mt. Wayte Ave behind 12 Newton Park Road's fence, Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    There are two trees that are dead behind the fence at 12 Newton Park Road in Framingham. The trees are located on city property. One tree is looking hollow inside and I am afraid it will fall on my house and I am concerned for my baby's safety as when it will fall it looks like it is aiming for the part of my house where my baby sleeps. The other tree is bent and ready to fall on Mt. Wayte Road and power lines during the next windy and rainy day. Please contact Maria Clemente at 508-808-0917, if you need further details about the dead trees.
  • 66 Dennison Ave Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    possible door-to-door scam on Dennison Ave/Warren Road, SFE claiming to be Eversource and will issue an on-the-spot 35% discount and lock that in for a year. Needed to copy information off my most recent Eversource bill (account number, address). Said I can't call Eversource, it's a 35% discount only available now and only by door-to-door. Two girls, 20 somethings, SFE hats but they said SFE is actually Eversource when I asked and they flashed quickly a badge and said they're authorized by the Town of Framingham (thought we were a City now?). They had a clipboard with a blank laminated fuzzy-looking Eversource bill. I don't have paper bills, so they wanted me to pull up a bill on my phone and they could copy the info off that. Rather aggressive and pushy.
  • 962 Waverly Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham

    711 Store at 962 Waverly Street, Framingham MA. Unsafe Food Handling despite multiple requests over 3 weeks. Assistant Manager overheard customer request for gloves while handling pizza.

    In a very dramatic and egregious fascious display, the assistant manager proceeded to cough on every single food source all over the store, for a full 10 minutes. And that was the last time I bought pizza, switched to burritos which I don't really like and hurt my tummy. But safer than pizza. The actual date can be determined by my 711 Rewards card, which has over 1100 points for less than a month. (I shop at 711 a lot, almost like a grocery store.)

    From that date, that same assistant manager has made it a point to personally serve me, and cough every single time, on my purchase. And I mean every SINGLE time. When I have requested over servers, he has used his position to override my request, and then coughed on me. That person is determined to teach me to accept his bodily fluids as normal.

    After multiple dates, including 4/5/2018 after 7 pm Evening shift, of that assistant manager, in the presence of employees, deliberately coughing on hot foods like chicken/pizza/ Mozilla sticks, I finally put the product back on the shelf, bought chewing gum and told that manager he needs to "follow public health law." That assistant manager told me if I feel that way about his "just a cough" I need not come back.

    With very specific individuals, there is a very strong intransigence to 711 corporate food policies and public heath safety law. This assistant manager knows to wash his hands if coughing before handling food and has seen face masks in hospitals.

    Now the employee who was there with the assistant manager on 4/5/2018 has very safely and often handled my food. Some time last week, the assistant manager sent that employee on break to prevent that employee serving me. And yes there was a cough timed to coincide with my purchases. Guessing hands not washed in bathroom either? Disgusting!

    Serve -safe classes are available, but am pretty sure this is a case of extreme intransigence. Multiple requests for food safety each met with contempt. On multiple diverse dates. This assistant manager may chose not to handle food safely in his personal lives, but when it comes to public, it is required and mandatory. And very much part of the cost of the food, well over half the cost. As much as I would like to take advantage of your $4.99 pizza, I will not with that individual in that store. And am not alone. We are watching people buy sealed food products there, a bottled water over a cup of water for instance.

  • 17 Dyer St Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    I called the Police Departament in Framingham, because I have this report number, but I need it printed.
  • Streetlights Archived
    816 Worcester Rd Framingham Ma 01702 United States - Framingham
    There’s what appears to be a power line drooping down as low as 7 feet above the sidewalk at 761 Worcester Rd in Framingham. It runs between two street light poles.
  • 1500 Worcester Rd Framingham, MA 01701, USA - Framingham
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  • Streetlights Acknowledged
    18 Salmi Road Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    There are only two streetlights on Salmi Road in Framingham. Both have been out for months. Can you please fix them. This is my third request.
  • 31 Day Hill Road Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Framingham front end loader used as plow tore up pavement and front lawn. This is 2nd report so a 2nd photo could be attached.
  • 31 Day Hill Road Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    City of Framingham's front end loader was used to plow snow in March. Broke gas valve box and tore up pavement and front lawn. Front lawn gets damaged every year. I usually just repair it myself but this year was much worse.
  • Auburn Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Please consider at Auburn Street, make it a right turn only onto Edgell Road as traffic gets so backed up at Framingham Center that anyone trying to make a left turn waits forever and holds up other cars behind them from making the right turn. The road isn't wide enough to pass the car trying to make a left.
    Also side note, the Russian School for the Math...... Have them stop stopping in the middle of the road to either drop off their child or pick up their child. Inconsiderate to other drivers behind or coming from opposit direction.