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  • 126 Jean St Framingham Ma - Framingham
    Hello, the house located at 126 Jean St Framingham ma 01701 has 2 large pine trees in their yard. Just before Christmas during the storm a large part of the tree fell from their tree onto our property causing damage to our electric box being torn from the house and we were without power. I have pictures as proof. Now the most recent storm that happened on Wednesday night into Thursday march 7-8 caused more branches to fall from the trees, thankfully nothing fell on out property this time around but their entire front yard is covered with branches which is a cause for concern that either the trees need to be removed or trimmed significantly down to prevent further damage. Obviously they were not responsible for the damage we had done so we had to pay a hefty price out of pocket from the December storm and we can't have that happen again. Please address this issue ASAP, I will also notify my homeowners insurance to inform them that a formal complaint has been entered. Thank you Susan, please call if you have any questions 508-395-5976
  • Tree branches Archived
    Eliot Street Framingham, MA - Framingham
    On the middle of my street, Eliot street. There is a huge, long tree branch that cars cannot get thru. Also the tree across that the branches keep falling from looks like it’s leaning over more and more and fall and hit the post with power lines. I called and left a message earlier at the Framingham Public Works. (I know that they are out and busy)
    Thank you.
  • Waushakem Beach Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Dear Parks Department,
    I am writing once again to complain about the removal of the trashcan at Waushakum beach park. This year, it was removed even earlier than usual, so that all the dog walkers have no where to put their bags, and people who park there leave trash every night. There are at least 4 cans still remaining at the Anna Murphy Playground two blocks away, why can’t just one remain at the beach for all the many people who walk their dogs there?
    Also, I think it is time that the people who live south of the tracks in Framingham get to use our lake more than eight weeks out of the year. At every other lake in Framingham, there is only a symbolic gate and a sign that keeps cars out, but everyone who lives in the area can and does walk there all year, take their dogs there and launch boats there. Waushakem beach is enclosed in a chain link fence with padlocks. Only teenagers, who regularly climb the fence, can get in. Perhaps it should be like Gramercy Park in New York, where only people who live near by can have access.
    I would appreciate your immediate attention to both these issues,
    Amy Bernstein
  • 1-21 Russell Road Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    My wife, Elizabeth D. Estler phoned me at 4:45 pm, 09/19/16, to report that she was traveling west on Salem End Rd just prior to Russell Road. She stopped as the traffic ahead of her but the car behind her struck her vehicle (Blue 2012 Honda CRV, MA Lic # 1RRP80). The driver of the other vehicle got out and asked if she was okay and told her they should get out of traffic so she pulled onto Russell Road. Rather than follow her, the driver of the other vehicle left the scene in his car. DAmage to my wife's car appears to be limited to scratches on her rear bumper. My wife was unable to get a good description of the other vehicle except to say it had a handicapped placard hanging from its rear-view window. I told her I would make a report and she proceeded on to her destination - CVS Pharmacy, 1280 Worcester Road, Framingham.
    Our address is 12 Lewis Drive, Medway, MA 02053; her cell phone is 508-561-6583; our landline is 508-533-6272.
  • 1212 Edgell Rd Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham

    We recently purchased a home on 1212 edgell in Framingham, we live on a hidden driveway with 2 other homes. Unfortunately we do not have proper signage for the street and its hard to find us. I'm nervous in a case of an emergency the first responders may have a difficult time finding us.
    Any solution or ideas to help us out would be greatly appreciated.



  • 87 Lake Road Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham


    I found a contractor online to rebuild a retaining wall that fell in my back yard.

    On 11/3, ee agreed on total price of $1250. I paid 2 installments up front of $475 and $150.

    Contractor showed up, took down old bricks. But he never returned to finish job. Through email, has told me he would return and never did.

    I have signed contract.

    Contractor's name is
    Geno Miller
    Miller Stone Works Inc
    Orange Mass 01364

    How should I proceed?

    Mike Fritz
    87 Lake Road
    Framingham MA

  • 117 Stonybrook Road Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    The storm drains have again clogged again in the last rail storm. The rising water of about a 12-16 inches caused my home to get water into my garage and lower floor. This has happened several times and sometimes without the leaves being present. I feel that the storm drain pipe or is reversed pitched or is set to low and does not allow the water to flow out. When the stream it flow into is running high this is always an issue. Every year we have several close calls. This year was very bad and causes a great big mess.
    There are four storm drains that this effect all within 100 feet of my home.
    Craig Dowdy
    117 Stonybrook Road
    Framingham MA 01702
  • 29-1 Danforth Court. Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    i am concerned about license. also never have apartments inspected threw town framingham.
    took 3 years to put fire alarm in.
  • Pothole Archived
    751 Worcester Road Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    I was driving eastbound on Route 9 around 10:30pm and I hit the largest pothole and the sound that came from it, that my car actually rose off ground on the right side from the impact. Immediately, my tire pressure light in the dashboard came on, and I could hear my car start to slow and veer to the right, and steering wheel went stiff. I tried to gain back control and just signaled to come to a halt at what became the intersection of Auburn Street and 855 Worcester Road (The Trolley Square Plaza,) the strip mall/plaza that also houses the US Post Office, or Framingham Center Station, Framingham MA 01701.
  • 560 Winter Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham

    I am reporting possible conditions of blight, dilapidated at a residence and possible violation of Nuisance by laws.
    There is debris, wooden closets, furniture thrown away on left side of the yard as well as some trash on right side of the yard. The driveway by the home also has lot of debris . This debris had been kept outdoors for past 3/4 months.
    This home also gets about 7/8 cars in night; Not sure if this house is used as rooming or has capacity to host so many adult individuals. These vehicles spill on the yard and is a Dilapidated sight.
    Please investigate for the possible issues. It's eye sore and caused blight in the residential neighborhood.

    Thank you.
    A Framingham Resident

  • Highway Archived
    Whole Town Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    site is:
    This site is NOT being updated for street sweeping
  • Andrews Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    I am reporting a car that SEEMS to be abandoned on Andrews Street in Framingham, MA. License plate # is 2RT 737, car make is a Ford and color is Silver. I have seen this car at the end of Andrews street (not near a house) has a flat tire for over 3 weeks.
    I don't know if it belongs to anyone on the block but thought it seemed odd that it has been there for quite some time and it isn't in front of any houses. Thank you for your time in this matter.