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  • Juniper Lane Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham

    Hi, I would like to know why the trash is not getting picked up at Juniper lane, Framingham after a holiday or a snow emergency after we have pushed back by one? Today is the second time this happened, the recycling was picked up, but the trash was not.

    Thank you

  • Highway Archived
    684 Central Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham

    The noise coming from Masspike is horrible and getting louder with time. There is a constant loud roaring noise coming from highway which could be heard all around neighborhood surrounding central street, including indian head road and beyond. It is affecting the quality of sleep of residents, and we are unable to enjoy outdoor activities. The simpson park can not be enjoyed because of noise pollution, and there is no peace and quiet in the near by cemetery. The DOT does not even acknowledge there is an issue. The Town must take this issue with DOT, so at least we are on the list for DOT high way noise barrier program for future construction. This is a serious issue which is destroying the peace and tranquility of Framingham residential neighborhoods. I hope the Town will start an initiative to resolve this very important problem.


    Khayam Shaukat

  • Sloane Drive Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham

    Hello - there has been a great deal of interest expressed by the Sloane Dr population of getting natural gas installed on our street. Through extensive research and communication with Eversource, we've learned there is a natural gas hook up on the intersection of Arbetter and Sloane. As a community we are asking for assistance from the town of Framingham to extend the gas line to the remaining homes on Sloane. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can contact me for further discussions. I can be reached by phone or email at 508-808-3015 or

    As always, thank you in advance for your time.

  • 19 Rons Way Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Residents at 19 Ron's Way, Framingham, burn wood in their backyard for many hours per night most weekends. The smoke from these fires permeates the surrounding neighborhood and infiltrates other homes. My family members with asthma and allergies are severely affected by this, and we are no longer able to keep our windows open on warm weekend nights (and we have no air conditioning!). According to the Massachusetts Open Burning Law (310 CMR 7.07), "open burning, including fire pits, must be done without causing a nuisance."
  • 162-202 Massachusetts 126 Framingham, MA 01702, USA - Framingham
    Street light at Sanger/Concord Street intersection was struck by snow plow. Unsure if light still works, but housing has fallen away, leaving wiring exposed to elements. In current state the light fosters an ugly north entrance to Downtown Framingham.
  • 135 Potter Road Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    My mailbox was knocked down by plow on 1/26 (the original blizzard). The address is 135 Potter Road in Framingham. What steps do I need to take to have it replaced/repaired? Who does a claim get sent to? Thanks, Mike
  • Streetlights Acknowledged
    51 Flanagan Drive Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    please fix streetlight between 51 and 53 flanagan drive in framingham, its very dark and unsafe. thanks Debbie Feitler 51 Flanagan drive
  • Elm Steet Framingham, MA - Framingham
    Ive posted about this before and clearly no one sees an issue with this since no police detail this stretch of road. Constant speeding way over the 30mph and more importantly the 20mph when schools are getting out. It's like I'm in the fast lane on 128 over here. I've called and left message at the police station and no one ever gets back to me. I'd like to know WHY the police don't patrol for speeders around the street and particularly Framingham especially with all the horrible accidents of late. It's scary that one of these kids could get killed by speeders and worse speeders who are texting too.
  • 454 Water Street Framingham, MA - Framingham
    I was terminated from my employment at the Framingham Public Schools after an investigation that I created a hostile environment with a teacher by raising a topic that was not considered appropriate during a lunch break in which no students were present. I believe it is my right as a former employee to have a copy of the Human Resources investigation report. Emailing requests to those individuals who would expedite delivery of the investigation report to me, I have not received a promising response, suggesting possible retaliation for asserting my right (i.e. I was told my request would be forwarded to the Chief Human Resources Officer by the Staffing Manager, the Chief has not responded at all to my email messages); I suspect the Human Resources Department is secretly censoring the investigation report to conceal potential discrimination violations. I politely request a copy of the investigation report from the Human Resources Department of the Public Schools, which I believe it is my right to have. Please correct me if a public institution reserves the right to secretly censor a report regarding their decision to terminate me. It is my opinion that adequate training would have better informed me of what was expected of me; I was only offered Conflict of Interest training and a digital Handbook, which was quite minimal for the expectations I was held to as a substitute, namely that of a teacher.
  • Other Archived
    1612 Worcester Road #618 Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Hello! On Saturday, 9/4, at approximately 4:30 pm, I placed a 911 call for my daughter Allyson Dowen who lives at 1612 Worcester Road apt 618 in Framingham. She had been just released from MASS General Cardiology Dept. where she had been a patient for 2 days after being in the Framingham Union Hospital ER for 24 hours before being transferred. When I placed the call on 9/4, an hour after I had gotten her home, she had been taking a shower and was feeling like she was going to pass out (which is why she was in the cardiology Dept, she had passed out at the Chipolte Restaurant at the Shopping World the Wed. before). When I called 911 on 9/4, when the AMR staff arrived at the apartment, there were 2 women with the rescue squad and I believe 4 men in the fire truck. When I opened the door when they arrived, the 1st woman bolted through the door and stood right in front of my face and yelled, what's going on here. She was the most abrasive person I've met who worked with a rescue squad. My father was a fire chief and my family was in the rescue squad. I am still fuming at how this person stormed into the apartment and was just very loud and abrasive and literally would not listen to what we were telling her. My daughter finally turned to the guy who had knelt beside her and started talking to him, telling him her symptoms, what was happening, etc I would like to speak with a superior about her actions. My number is 802-522-5439. Thank you. Penny Dowen
  • Main Street Framingham, MA - Framingham
    What is going on with the Main St road by the ambulances to after the rotary? The road is undriveable. I've gone 15mph on this road so my car doesn't bang and scrape off the ground or get a flat tire because the patch work is so bad on this stretch of road. I'm surprised no one has complained. Try driving 15mph in this town....its impossible without getting high beamed, honked at, sworn at and given the finger to.
    My first time driving down the road my frame smacked off the road hard causing damage because there are no signs warning of gaping holes in the ground or cones to warn you. Especially at night you can't see it until you hit it. No other roads in Framingham have been this bad. I don't know who is doing the shotty patchwork on the road here but it's unacceptable. For the road to be like this for an one day is deplorable but for it to go on like this for months and months is unthinkable!
  • Highway Archived
    1020 Worcester Road Framingham, MA 01701, United States of America - Framingham
    There are years of trash accumulating along Rt 9 around the underpass across from FSU. Rt is the face of Framingham-- this is what we look like for thousands of people who drive through our community daily. Can we get the section between Pleasant and Temple (the underpass area is the worst) cleaned up?